How to style a jacket

There are hundreds upon thousands of different styles of jackets available which can go with any type of outfit. They can range from women’s basic leather jackets to mens designer jackets, which can be found at EJ Menswear. Here are a few ways to style a jacket.

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Chinos are versatile as they can match with anything on almost every occasion. The cotton twill fabric they are usually made from helps to make them match with denim. Chinos are usually worn in khaki paired with a plain white t- shirt.

As we’re on the topic of plain white t- shirts, they are perfect as an underlayer. A plain white t- shirt can accentuate the details of a fancy or embroidered jacket, making it stand out. But it can also depend on the fitting of the t- shirt. It should not be too baggy but too fitted, but it should also compliment a body type.

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Joggers and sportswear are becoming increasingly popular to wear as an outfit to events. But it depends on the type of joggers as well as it makes all the difference between a cheap- looking bought pair of joggers or a high- quality designer pair. Believe it or not, people have started to wear these with jackets to try and pull off a look which shows they have put a little effort into their outfit without trying too hard.

Sportswear has also become increasingly common to wear as a casual outfit. Bicycle shorts and sports bras can be paired with an over- sized jacket to create a daring look.

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