Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Beautiful wedding hairstyles – one of the most important components of the image of the bride. Naturally, she must be perfect, because every girl dreams of being a queen at her own wedding and overshadowing all with beauty. The wedding industry has its own trends, subtly changing from season to season. What hairstyles for brides today are the most fashionable and popular?

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Braids and weaving in beautiful wedding hairstyles

All sorts of braids and weaving from Greek to French have been at the peak of popularity for several years. No exception and wedding fashion. For the bride, who dreams of creating a gentle and airy image of a nymph with a flowing dress and a wreath of flowers in her hair, a careless circular braid with loose curls will suit, small braids will give the hairstyle and her mistress tenderness and innocence, heavy large braids wrapped in a knot at the back of the head, will give a newly-worn proud regal bearing, emphasizes elegant neck bend.

In general, modern trends are aimed at creating the most natural hairstyle, which means that braids should look slightly disheveled, whipped, fluffed, with loose curls and strands, as in the photo below.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Elegant Bride: Wisps and Babets

The perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair has always been considered knots and bunches of different sizes. The main charm of hair gathered in a tight or lush knot is subtle femininity, innocence and the severity of the image of the bride. Open neck, shoulders, neckline look touching and fully correspond to the appearance of a young girl entering a new life. Knots and bundles are perfectly combined with any decorations, including tiaras, combs, hairpins, veils of different lengths and transparency. Recently, retro-style has come into vogue, and since the famous Barbette with fleece is one of the characteristic vintage hairstyles of the last century, wedding stylists immediately adopted it.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Tails, curls, and waterfalls in the image of the bride

What to choose the owner of long hair, who dreams to show her hair in all its glory? Graceful curls, fixed or braided on one side, decorated with a flower or sparkling comb, will emphasize the beauty and femininity of the bride, will give the image a kind of playfulness. No less impressive on long hair look French waterfalls and gorgeous, stacked curls, cascading over the shoulders and back. The luxury of such a hairstyle is emphasized by flowers in her hair in a tonal bouquet of the bride or hair clips sparkling in gold, silver, and rhinestones in the form of flowers, butterflies or small gemstones.

The tail, even straight, can look as stylish and charming as loose curls and curls. This hairstyle can be combined with long straight or oblique bangs, a pile, a bow of hair or another figure. Confident and self-worthy girls who prefer the severity and elegance of luxuriant luxury, lace and ruffles choose images with a tail.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Retro style in wedding hairstyles

What is the hairstyle in retro style now in trend? The best wedding women’s hairstyles in this vein are designed for owners of short hair. Gentle and passionate air curls in vintage images fall clear curls, emphasizing the lines of the forehead, cheekbones, closing the cheeks. Asymmetrical haircuts, bangs, and styling on one side are relevant. For medium-length hair, a hairstyle with a bandage or rim will fit, under which curls are wrapped in a circle, and the top of the head remains smooth. Examples of fashionable wedding retro hairstyles in the photo below.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Fashionable hats as an alternative to a veil

The fashionable novelties of the season, which have competed with the classic veil, are small tablet hats with veils that will perfectly complement the hairstyle and dress in vintage style. Stylists advise replacing the veil with wreaths, bouquets and even baskets of flowers, such options are also acceptable:

  • lace mantilla pinned up in Spanish style;
  • a veil that attaches to the diadem;
  • openwork bridal cap (bridal cap).

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Matching style and style

Whatever hairstyle you choose, it, first of all, should go for you, match the style, color, style of the dress, the scenario of the event and the image as a whole. As a rule, experienced professional stylists and makeup artists working in wedding salons give the most valuable advice and effective recommendations.

Each female hairstyle should have its own zest, the difference because what adorns the model with your chosen photo may look differently on you. At the same time, there are universal unwritten rules, which brides should not be neglected. So, for an elegant wedding dress with a classic skirt of medium pomp fit hairstyle with a knot or curls. Country style dresses are combined with braids and wreaths. Under the fluffy skirt, you need a voluminous hairstyle; dresses with straight or narrowed silhouette require clear curls in retro style or smooth straight strands collected in a horsetail.

If you chose a wedding dress with a deep cut on the back, do not close this beauty of the lush mane hair, and the neckline should be emphasized curly backcombed back. Luxury wedding attire with an abundance of decor, rhinestones, ribbons, lace, and frills hairstyle with a minimum of jewelry will make an ideal company. To the wide skirt fit curls, to the narrow – straight hair.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For 2019

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your image, under the wedding dress, style and scenario of celebration, do not forget about the main trends: pomp, negligence and additional volume.

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