Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

Every girl wants to be the most beautiful on such an important day. Therefore, dress, hair and makeup should be perfect in combination with each other. We have prepared for you this article in which you will learn which wedding hairstyles for long hair 2019 will be the most fashionable and stylish.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

Wedding hairstyle with the addition of veils and various elements of decoration will help to create a gentle and at the same time elegant image of the hero of the occasion on her wedding day. But when selecting it, you should pay attention to many factors:

  • Roundness of the face;
  • The tone and length of hair;
  • Figure of the bride; Growth;
  • Wedding dress style.

Thanks to the long hair is quite realistic to create a delightful hair. No less important role also plays the haircut itself.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

How to choose a wedding hairstyles?

The marriage ceremony is always an exciting process. All brides want to attract the attention of guests to themselves, because the wedding is their day. To choose the right hairstyle is very difficult because of the huge number of different options. It should be comfortable, beautiful and reliable at the same time. It is very important that by the end of the celebration all the curls are in place and look attractive. Do not forget about the perfect harmony with the image. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

The easiest way to contact a professional for help. It is he who knows what to offer. But the choice is always yours. It is best to have in stock several options at once and try them on your hair. So you will see how they all look, and you can make a final choice in favor of one of them. Also pay attention to the time that the specialist spent on the implementation of hair.

Forget about experiments before the wedding. Do not dye your hair or try on yourself a new haircut. Select wedding styling should be after the purchase of veils and jewelry.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

The main trend of 2019 is naturalness. Designers believe that the more natural the bride looks, the better. Therefore, a huge layer of cosmetics should not be applied. The same goes for jewelry. No need to spoil your image with dimensional and shiny jewels.

On the head should be easy negligence. Simplicity and lack of vulgarity is the main key to success. In 2019, it is popular to supplement your hair with various floral arrangements. They will give tenderness and refinement to the whole image. As for the hair color, it should be as close as possible to the natural.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

Types of wedding hairstyles

We have selected for you the most popular hair styling options that will help you create a stunning fashionable and image.

  • Style 40-ies – huge curls, allegedly wound on large curlers returned to their popularity. This style will give your image luxury and chic. But with this, he makes the girl more adult. To this style of styling curls you need to choose the appropriate makeup.
  • Bundles – a high beam adds to the culprit triumph and makes it a little more mature. Therefore, it is recommended to gather your curls in a bun if the future husband is slightly older than the bride. This style will perfectly match the dress with strict and elegant lines. It is worth noting that such a style is not suitable for low growth girls. He will break the proportions of the figure.
  • Braids and weaving – will look better with girls with thick and long hairs. Today, there are so many different styles of weaving. Therefore, it will be to choose from what. Particularly popular in this season will be the French Spit. It can be supplemented with a brooch in the side parting. It is also advisable to look at the romantic and disheveled versions of braids. They look quite nice and perfectly fit the image of the bride.
  • Curly curls – never lose their popularity. The cold wave is a hair formation style that allows you to create a luxurious wedding look. At the moment, it is topical to complement wavy hair with a diadem, crown, tiara, and so on. Curls will look perfect under the veil.
  • Bouffant – wedding hairstyles and bouffant are relevant in 2019. They are very simple to perform and look quite elegant and elegant. Suitable for almost all the fair sex. Regardless of their height and shape. In this hairstyle you can add a bun, a tail and so on.
  • Tail – every woman made her tails in everyday life. But stylists believe that this style deserves attention due to its versatility. The main advantage is convenience. You will be able to forget that the hair must be constantly straightened and have fun on the glory. To date, there are many ways of styling hair in the tail. The most common of them is to twist the curls, collect them in the tail and decorate them with a brooch or other appropriate element of the decoration. It is also possible to collect two tails and twist them together.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019

As for accessories, so brides should pay attention to the crown, wrapped around the head. But only the most courageous girls who are used to demonstrate their originality can use such decoration. If you decide to wear such a crown, the hairstyle should be as simple and convenient as possible, since all the attention will be taken by the accessory.

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