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4 Digital Wedding Invitation Apps to Save Money and Time

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll understand how involved it is. Ceremony planning, whether large or small, requires coordination of the location, photographer, flowers, and, of course, invites.

For an intimate wedding with only a few friends or family members, you may decide to skip the cost and inconvenience of actual invitations, and just try crazy vegas for games. However, you can still send your guests lovely digital invites.

These mobile apps are straightforward, provide appealing options, and simplify the process of creating real wedding invitations.

  1. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker by vcsapps

Wedding Invitation Cards Maker for Android is easy to use and offers several customization options. Begin by providing optional information such as the greeting, location, and kind of RSVP. Select a date and time, then tap Create Invitation.

You can then select a design by hitting the Cards button in the upper right corner. There is a good collection of backdrops in various colors and designs. When you select one, any of the information you supplied initially will appear directly on the card. However, you will notice a slew of editing choices.

Include stickers, quotations, blur, a signature, a photo, and effects. You can also select the font type and color, as well as change or move all text blocks and other elements to their desired location. Then just save or share your invitation to your friends who likes richardmccann with you.

The application does have advertising that follows you during the creation process, which can be removed with an in-app payment. If you don’t mind them, you can design a stunning invitation that complements your wedding flawlessly.

  1. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker by Cruise Infotech

Wedding Invitation Cards Maker is another excellent, free choice for your invitations. You can choose between cards or frames, each of which has several options. Open the app, press Start, and then select Cards or Frames from the top.

Invitations can be charming and casual or trendy and exquisite, depending on your preferences. Once you’ve decided, tap the text boxes to enter your information. You can also include romantic quotes, and themed stickers, and customize the colors. You can save your creations to show your partner later or share them right away.

This application has a lot of advertising, which may be removed with an in-app payment. However, if you can get over them, Wedding Invitation Cards Maker provides some amazing options.

  1. Evite

If you enjoy the notion of an app that does more than just wedding invitations, check out Evite. There are numerous invitation possibilities available, ranging from Independence Day to wine-tasting events. You may also use it to create wedding “Save the Date” cards.

You can search for your wedding by entering a phrase or by selecting Browse and scrolling down to Wedding Ceremony. When you decide which one you want, you will be guided through the creation process. You will include the host, title, date, location, and message.

A free account allows you to save your works, invite guests, and share invitations from within the app. If you decide to invite visitors, simply grant access to your contact list and you will receive notifications when they respond.

Evite features a lot of minor things that make it a great app for sending wedding invitations. Most importantly, there are no advertisements to distract you.

  1. Invitation Card Maker

Invitation Card Maker is an excellent tool for creating wedding invites because it also includes options for engagement, celebration, and birthday events.

Tap the Wedding button at the top, then scroll down to view a choice of invitations. You can choose from simple patterns to those containing images to achieve the perfect effect.

When you’ve found one you like, tap Edit to add your details, icons, new text, or image boxes, and change the background color, gradient, or pattern. After you’ve finished your invitation, click the Checkmark and share or save it.

If you want to continue using Invitation Card Maker for its other features, you can disable ads with an in-app payment.

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