10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Finally, the air smelled of summer! Warm, bright sun, light dresses, ice-cream, and long walks until late! If you have a summer wedding, there are many ways to make it truly yours and sunny. Forget about a heavy dress, stuffy banquet halls, and mayonnaise salads! Our 10 ideas for a summer wedding will inspire you for a stunning holiday – with a ceremony in nature, games for guests and pleasant surprises! Well, if you want to prepare for a celebration under the scorching sun, read the full guide to the wedding in the heat.

Here we select some ideas for a summer wedding

1. Wedding in nature

The best option for a summer wedding is to organize it in nature. There are many places for such a holiday – from parks to hotels. You can arrange a celebration in the forest, by the lake or even at the cottage, if space permits, then it will turn out warm and homely. In nature, you can hold both a banquet and field registration, but you should definitely go outside for a wedding photo shoot!

The most amazing thing that allows you to make a wedding in nature – night decoration. Devote him time, believe me, it’s worth it – the lights, candles or a fire show will create such an atmosphere that the guests will remember the holiday for a long time.

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

2. Evening ceremony

If the guest registration in nature does not surprise the guests, the evening ceremony in the open air is guaranteed to cause a storm of emotions. Just imagine, the stars are shining above you, dozens of candles or lanterns are twinkling around, and the chirping of grasshoppers is heard in the air. It’s hard to come up with a more romantic setting to make wedding vows! But at the end of the ceremony you can launch Chinese lanterns into the sky:

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

3. Wedding by the water

If the holiday will be on the bank of the river or lake – you are lucky! First, the water is not so hot, and secondly, it is just very beautiful.

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

4. Country style

Heat and cottage for many are connected, so it is logical to use references to village motifs for a wedding in the summer. Instead of intricate floral compositions, place pots with flowers or even vegetables growing in them everywhere. Approach the issue of fantasy and humor: use choppers and vanes in the design; provide places for rest in the form of a garden swing or gazebos, give guests bags of seeds, and put greens grown on your site on the tables.

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

5. Entertainment in nature

The outdoor event is good because it allows you to arrange activities that will precisely tighten the guests. We give examples, but you probably can think of much more:

  • Table soccer
  • Tossing rings
  • Skittles
  • Bubble
  • Petanque
  • Giant Jenga

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

6. Summer menu

A summer wedding is a reason to take a critical look at the menu because it will be hot and hardly want heavy food. At the same time, guests who lean on alcohol should eat tightly in order to remain in the ranks all day. It is very important to find a balance between nourishing food and lighter dishes – choose salads without mayonnaise, meat and fish skewers, cheeses and seasonal fruits.

In drinks, we suggest focusing on lemonades. We are happy people because our heritage is the delicious lemonade “Dyushes” and “Pinocchio”. It is enough to put everyone’s favorite bottles with recognizable labels in a bucket with ice, it will be interesting and very budget. You can order a wedding bar with homemade lemonade, in which there are dozens of different tastes: classic, with raspberries, strawberries, ginger, and many others.

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

7. Summer flowers

Summer gives flowers that are difficult to get at other times of the year, use it! In addition to the well-known peonies, these are hydrangea, sunflowers, dahlias, and wildflowers. Believe, roses will be at any wedding, but you will make a bouquet of cornflowers and daisies only for the summer celebration.

8. Live music

Call a cover band for the holiday, energetic musicians will stir up the guests and have a great party! Be sure to warn the group if a celebration is planned in nature, they take this into account in order to properly adjust the sound. Discuss what equipment they need from the site.

10 Ideas For A Summer Wedding

9. Bright colors

Wedding in the summer is a reason to forget about monochrome and low-key colors. Choose bright colors, when else, if not now? Do not want a riot of colors, stop the choice on pastel shades, they also look great in the sun.

10. Summer dress code

Summer is our favorite time to dress lightly and brightly. Use it! Invite guests to come in juicy colors and grab the matching accessories. Do not demand too strict clothes from them – evening dresses, hairstyles, and suits with ties – most of them will be uncomfortable. Be indulgent and to yourself, let the dress be weightless and breathable, and the groom’s suit is not too hot. You can even refuse a jacket, replacing it with a fashionable vest.

Enjoy the wedding in the summer under the full program and do on it what you could not arrange in the winter or spring holiday!

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