Female Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment Options

Female Hair loss is an unfortunate problem that many women deal with. It can be quite upsetting to see your once thick and full strands now fluttering in the wind like cotton. If you are experiencing this problem, there are a few things you can do. Firstly you may want to speak to your doctor about your condition. The most common cause for female hair loss is female pattern baldness, a genetic disorder where new hair shafts gradually grow thinner over time. Often women notice gradual loss and a thicker upper portion, often with a more diffuse thinning in the crown.

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There are several treatment options available to those suffering from female hair loss. One treatment option is called “light therapy”. This involves removing very small amounts of hair with a laser. The laser sends a beam of light that evaporates the follicle allowing it to shrink back naturally. Although this method works to some extent it is not always effective and will often need multiple treatments.

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Other treatment options include chemical and heat therapies. Chemical treatments work by trying to block the production of DHT. Heat therapy tries to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT – another factor that can contribute to female hair loss. Unfortunately both these treatments can be expensive and may not be effective for everyone.

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