What is the dress code

What is the dress code?

When we dress on a daily basis, it seems that there are not too many rules. But the truth is that there are. Although we do not perceive it or it is indicated to us. I is known that you cannot go to certain places with some types of clothing. If you have ever wanted to go to church in shorts and your mother told you that it is not appropriate and that you change your clothes for something better, we generally call that dress code.

Perhaps, like everyone else, when you heard the term dress code for the first time you did not understand what it was about, to understand it better we will translate it into Spanish which means dress code. And These codes are the rules that have been socially imposed on each type of clothing that is consistent with each type of occasion. Do you remember the previous example? Well, going to a wedding is not the same as going for bread on Sunday or meeting up for coffee with friends on a Tuesday after work.

The truth is that when we talk about dress codes there is nothing written, but some rules have been adapted. By minimal logic you can not go to school in a swimsuit, you will not go on summer holidays to Ibiza in a suit or go with a sleeveless Hawaiian shirt in winter. The examples that we have just given you are a little more every day, but these precepts also apply to events.

And in everyday life it is also present, surely you have gone to a job interview and you go in your best clothes. Also, when you start working they tell you that tracksuits are prohibited (at least if we are talking about an office job or facing the public). Well yes, to those places you should go a little better dressed. How well dressed and elegant you are or not will depend on the dress code that has been designated.

Most frequent types of dress code for men

Over time, dress codes have diversified a bit, to find out what they are and on what occasions they fit in, we are going to show you some of the most used, although the limits between one and the other tend to be discrepancies, here they go!


The rules in this dress code are minor. Those who wear it feel a little freer because they can use almost anything. And they will fit in because the contexts in which they are used are informal and not at all elegant. With this dress code, you can go out to eat with friends, walk the dog, take classes at the university and go for a walk.

The garments that use this code are quite varied, they range from jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, button-down shirts, sneakers, round neck shirts, and a long etcetera. Come on, it’s the clothes you wear every day and it doesn’t look bad, except for those occasions.

The limitations in this code are almost non-existent and it is perfect because your style can be seen in the clothes you wear. You have the option to be as comfortable as you want, use colors. Try new combinations and take a little risk. Although you can use it on a daily basis. You should also take into account the places you go to. If your work allows you to go casual, then there are no problems. But some won’t let you wear jeans and t-shirts.


The smart casual dress code is between two styles, a casual one that we have already explained to you before and the elegant one. What happens in this code is that it is the perfect balance between the two styles, but much more casual.

It’s about mixing what you wear to your daily activities on a daily basis but elevating the look with something more elegant. You will be able to mix the formal with the more justified and it will give you a pretty cool result that you can take to more places than the casual one. In fact, most jobs allow this dress code.

The limits in this code are somewhat more marked, it will always go a little more elegant. You will not wear a smart casual look with an expensive tracksuit and 500 euro sneakers. It’s not about how much you spend, but how good you look. This style of clothing allows for jeans. But quite plain without many details, t-shirts, shirts, blazers, turtleneck sweaters, jackets, etc.


Now with this dress code, we are entering much more formal clothing. It is closer to a suit and quite far from jeans. Who wears a look like this seeks to give a professional image. But without having to have a black suit with a tie.

Just because it’s not completely formal doesn’t mean it’s too casual, so forget sportswear, tracksuits for the weekend, and some kinds of sneakers, too. The most used garments are sweaters, jackets, Chinese pants, etc. You also have the option of playing with colors and patterns, but with measure.


The most used context of the formal dress code is for office work. Those who wear this dress manage to look elegant and professional. Now yes, you will not be able to wear jeans, sneakers , colors that are too strong or strident textures. The basics will be the ideal touch of elegance that you give to your looks.

The correct thing is that you wear a good suit (nothing happens if it is a fit type), dress pants and in neutral colors such as black, navy blue, gunmetal, dark brown and shoes for the suit , not sneakers. The accessories here are a whole theme, less is always more. An elegant silver watch will be a good choice (try a good fine watch ), leave aside bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

CocktailCocktail dress code

The cocktail dress code is also widely used, this code is applied to occasions such as baptisms, meetings, inaugurations, anniversaries, celebrations, etc. The events attended in this way are quite refined, but without being glamorous. Again, this is not the time to wear a tuxedo.

You can wear a full suit, but with a white shirt, no need to put on a tie, just the handkerchief will suffice. You can play around with the colors a bit, but nothing too extra.


If it is a formal event and during the night, the dress code will be a black-tie. Some of the occasions in which it is used are dinners, weddings, charity events. The correct thing is to wear a suit, during the night the basics are again the best choice. A black suit looks bad on no man and this is not an occasion to improvise too much, play it safe.

If you consider incorporating colors to your look, do it with scarves, but keep it basic. The shoes should also match the suit, some Oxfords always look great and you won’t crash. The accessories you use, such as the belt, must be combined with the shoes.

Rigorous etiquette

As for formality, this is the dress code that is at the top. When referring to elegance. This is the main one and is used only at night informal events. The usual thing is that women go in long dresses with shine, pronounced necklines, and men can go in tailored suits with clean cuts and now yes, a tuxedo.

Less is more, again, colors like black, dark blue and gray will be a very good option. In fact, you should do without some usual accessories such as watches. You won’t be able to wear these no matter how expensive it is. They might be a bit cramped and it doesn’t look good at all. The hairstyle is also important, go for something simple, that keeps you stylish, but not too gel and stiff.

In general, these are the 7 most common dress codes that can be used on different occasions. You may find these same dress codes under other names or with minor variations. But it is always based on the same thing and they have quite clear limits that should not be exceeded.

Something important is that you should not confuse a dress code with a style when dressing. There are many styles of dress that are included in the dress code. Whether you wear a tracksuit, then your style is a sport, but you enter the casual.

And keep in mind that it can be difficult to know what the ideal dress code is for the place you are going to. Normally, the type of clothing you should wear appears on the invitation they send you. But sometimes it is over-understood and that is when those who attend have problems and may make some mistakes.

When you are invited to a place, keep in mind what is being celebrated and what time it is. If it’s a daytime wedding, something elegant will work for you. Whether it is a baptism during the day, smart casual is an option.

If the event is during the night, no matter what kind of celebration it is, never show up in jeans and sneakers, take a suit, you may not look as elegant as the others. But at least you will not clash too much and you will stay in the same line. Then the other guests at the event to which you have been invited.

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