Popular Vintage Wedding Trends Revealed

As vintage weddings continue to increase in popularity, we take a closer look at the vintage wedding trends for the year ahead. From getting closer to nature to stepping out in glamour, vintage weddings are about to get bigger and more beautiful than ever before.

So organise your wedding by getting everything together like transport, dresses and food your way.

Rustic Vintage

The rustic vintage wedding theme has not only become more popular, but each year it becomes more stylised and nature-focussed. Anything green is good this year, and the wilder, the better. Couples move from perfectly landscaped settings to more rural, rustic, and natural venues such as forests, farms, or wild unkempt gardens. As with any vintage wedding, the dress choice for a rustic theme usually is lace – often in cream or off-white. Macrame embellishments ideally suit this boho theme. When you need a Macrame Kit, visit a site such as https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits

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Vintage Glamour

Rather than going down the rustic, bohemian route, many couples go headlong into hedonism for a night of decadence, 1920s style. Forget about austerity, as couples in 2023 want to surround themselves with the chic elegance of an era that gave birth to Art Deco and wild parties.

Décor-wise, plenty of gold and silver are in order, and again a lace dress would work beautifully, but with the straight lines, shorter hairstyles, pearl jewellery, and smoky eyes synonymous with the era. Read top blogs to get inspired by similar glamorous vintage weddings that are all the rage right now.

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Tea Party

A 1940s-style tea-party wedding is a trend making its mark this year. Head to charity shops to buy as much mismatched china crockery as possible, and invite guests to wear delightful 40s-style dresses and suits. For the bride, why not wear a starlet style with bright red lips and a tight dress? Book a big brass band or a music-hall singer to get the party started. Try not to overdo the theming, as getting a vintage wedding right is all about balance and avoiding clichés.

Vintage weddings are not going away, as we continue to look back to simpler times as an antidote to modern life. Whether you go for a 20th-century theme or a rustic vintage option with lots of natural décors, a vintage wedding is one that no one forgets.

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