5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

If the newlyweds decided to legalize their relationship not only in front of the state but also in God, then the bride needs to be especially careful when choosing the dress. The sacrament of the church wedding is a difficult and serious ceremony, which provides for the observance of traditions. This also applies to the wedding dress. Dress for the wedding must necessarily meet a number of requirements.

What criteria should match the wedding dress

  • The wedding process does not provide for any restrictions in color, but traditionally preference is given to light shades.
  • It is customary to attend church in such models of dresses, the skirt of which covers the knees.
  • Shoulders in a wedding dress should be covered from prying eyes.
  • The back should not be exposed. If the bride prefers an open dress, it is recommended to add to it a lace bolero or a light fur coat.

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Today wedding dresses for weddings are provided in a wide range of models, colors, styles, and accessories. An ideal option for a church rite would be a floor-length model and long sleeves. Properly chosen outfit can emphasize the beauty of the girl.

An excellent option, combining a gentle robe for the wedding and the wedding style chosen by the bride, will be a transforming dress with a detachable skirt and a train.

But the material for sewing a wedding dress can be used by anyone. This may be flowing satin fabric, lace romantic lace or light chiffon.

Jewelry and main elements of wedding dresses

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Robes unnecessarily decorated with beads, rhinestones and other stones will not have a modest, organic look. For decoration, it is better to choose such decorative elements as embroidery, pearls and use not too lush draperies.

A modern wedding dress, even with a minimum of decor, can look beautiful and delightful. In a wedding ceremony, the most appropriate is straight long models or slightly flared options. But the skirt with rings can create certain inconveniences at the ceremony.

If a dress with a train is chosen, it is recommended to pay attention to all options where this element can be unfastened. Most often, these robes are popular with Catholic rites.

What should be the headdress

The sacrament of the wedding provides for mandatory coverage of the head. For these purposes, a long veil, a delicately embroidered shawl or light lace are perfect.

In the process of the rite is allowed such an option as a hat. It should be borne in mind that it will not be very convenient, because the crowns, which will be located above the heads of the crowning, may touch her.

The main options for outfits

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Traditional dresses

Traditional wedding models are made in the form of a straight dress or A-silhouette. They are characterized by skirts with a small volume, and the area of the back and shoulders is usually closed. This model is designed to emphasize the modesty of the bride and fully complies with all church canons and requirements.

Wedding dress with sleeves

This option looks very elegant and discreet. Variations of the sleeves can be very different, have any length and shape. This can be an intricate bell, a tight-fitting satin or lace sleeve, or a flared version. Choosing a short sleeve-roof, you should pick up gloves to match the dress.

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Closed model

A fully closed dress is the personification of modesty and would be an excellent option for girls who are the serious and responsible attitude to the wedding ceremony. This is the best option for the Orthodox church sacrament, because the dress completely hides the chest, back, arms and neck.

Lace outfits

This style emphasizes the beauty and fragility of the girl. This option has a refined, rich appearance and does not require additional accessories and jewelry. The finish can be finished with lace fabric or lace decoration of the hem, bodice, and sleeves.

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Simple wedding image

A simple minimalistic wedding dress is great for shaping a wedding look. This is true for couples who do not plan a serious financial investment. Minimalism in design, the modesty of the model, simplicity, and lack of decoration emphasize the beauty and femininity of the bride.

Wedding in an interesting position

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of apparel for girls in position who are preparing for the wedding ceremony. In the first months, the tummy can be veiled with the help of an elegant A-silhouette. Greek wedding dress with a high waist and flared skirt, suitable for both the initial stages of pregnancy and later periods. In the first version, such a model will help to hide an interesting position, and in the second, it will femininely and gently adorn the rounded shapes.

Wedding dress styles have no significant limitations. Remember that in spiritual life constantly have to fight with passions. It is for this reason that the wedding dress should not be too seductive and sexy.

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