Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

The wedding world, which has remained traditional and conservative for years, is changing rapidly. Celebrations parade has long ceased to be fashionable. Lovers are increasingly choosing an unusual place or format of the event, calling only relatives, arranging a chamber wedding, or even organize a holiday, different from those to which we are accustomed. Wedding fashion for several years behind the ongoing changes, not wanting to admit them – on the catwalks still reigned magnificent princess dresses and white. The revolution occurred a year ago, when designers showed unusual outfits, and this year it became clear that there was no turning back. Fashionable wedding dresses 2020 are different: although the classic models were shown on the catwalks, much of what had seemed unthinkable a few years ago was presented. Fashion quickly broke into the wedding world, and we will tell you about the main trends in wedding dresses 2020.

Lace and lace flowers

Almost every collection had dressed, fully or partially decorated with lace flowers and other motifs. There was also the finest weave on the sleeves or skirt, and noticeable lace, confidently covering the dress completely. If you want yourself such an outfit, try on as many different models as possible – the lace is cunning, sometimes it may be unprofitable to emphasize the flaws of the figure or even the skin.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Bulk flowers

Incredibly beautiful dresses, decorated with voluminous flowers, scattered along, won our hearts. Small flowers of the same shade as the fabric of the attire or even contrast embroidery looked great on the catwalks. When choosing a similar dress, keep in mind that such flowers will naturally add volume, so make sure that they do not settle down where you do not need it at all.

Jewelry on dresses

Brilliant patterns, inserts of lace and sequins or even small brooches – the next year, the designers call on brides not to be shy:

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Star scattering

Our favorite trend in fashionable wedding dresses 2020 is a scattering of the tiniest sparkles and rhinestones on the fabric. It is incredibly romantic and looks like the night sky, a star trend that appeared in weddings back in 2019.

The dominance of satin and silk

More recently, satin dresses for brides were almost impossible to find. The times have changed – we expect that next year wedding stores will break from atlas dresses. Danielle Frankel

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Playing with fabric textures

While creating wedding dresses 2020, designers had pretty fun, because the Wedding Fashion Week had not yet seen such experiments with the texture: volumetric prints, mesh, pleating, reeled fabric, and even feathers. The bride’s dress will have to steam on the eve of the celebration before losing the pulse? Forget now irregularities just no one will notice:

Light flying fabric

Lightweight skirts of tulle make usually heavyweight fluffy dresses airy and look like delicate clouds:

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020


At the last Week of the Wedding Fashion, outfits appeared that perfectly accentuate the natural tenderness of the bride, being themselves similar to something unearthly and very fragile. The finest fabrics, straps and delicate folds conquered us at first glance.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Pastel colors

Surprisingly, the colors in fashionable wedding dresses 2020 have become much less, and this is precisely muted pastel. Most designers have returned to white and its shades, only Vera Wang and several other brands continue to compare brides with birds of paradise.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020


Draperies and folds create an image on which you want to keep a look, having considered in more detail an intricate outfit. Be sure to take a closer look at them, the trend seems simple, but it is not – nothing makes the image more elegant.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Soft corset

The controversial trend (in our opinion) and this is why: despite the fact that the soft corset with cups or their imitation was shown in many collections, he decorated only a few models, frankly disfiguring the figures of the others. The main problem was that the cups looked too small compared to the rest of the dress, and were also low enough, leaving too much of an open body on top. As a result, the figures of the models looked caricature and strange. Staying on this outfit, choose carefully.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Foot again!

The glory of Angelina Jolie and her famous black dress does not give rest to designers, offering brides to try on this style. We like:

Gigantomania in fashionable wedding dresses 2020

Little flowers scattered around the dress? Graceful neat bows? Ha – some have decided, increasing the flowers and bows tenfold. They look spectacular, but they don’t go to everyone, attracting attention to where they are, therefore, approach the choice wisely.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Short dresses

In contrast to the previous trend, designers suggested dozens of short wedding dresses, which have already ceased to be something unimaginable but have become a necessity. More and more couples prefer to come to the registry office only to sign documents and arrange a holiday later. For such a trip to the registrar office you need a less solemn image, so a short dress, simple or with a train, will be just right.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Jumpsuits and suits

However, you can wear a jumpsuit or even a trouser suit for official registration. There are more and more of them and brides sometimes look more feminine in them than in dresses. We even helped you by finding 30 beautiful and cheap wedding overalls that you can order right now!

Form experiments

To brides who do not consider the color or new textures unusual, some designers suggested playing with the form. Such creations will most of all appeal to girls who love modern art:

Candid outfits

Fashionable wedding dresses 2020 will be so provocative, with deep cuts and large cuts, from transparent fabrics. Now you have to decide what you want to appear before the groom on the wedding day – romantic or fatal.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Transparent capes

We turn to accessories, where the use of transparent capes has become the main fashionable trend. Neat shawls, covering the shoulders or long “raincoats” – choose to your taste, in any case, you will find yourself on the cutting edge of fashion.

Veil and head ornaments

Getting married next year and putting something on your head, do not be shy, tear away from the soul! Apparently, the designers decided so by offering the brides a choice of long veils decorated with large embroidery, flower arrangements, and wide-brimmed white hats:

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020

Long gloves

Oh, how many critics got gloves a few years ago! Who just did not call them an old-fashioned and obsolete accessory, but fashion is cyclical, and therefore the gloves are with us again. Pay attention to fashionable gloves to the elbow of white or pastel colors, made of satin or leather.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2020


We hope that each bride will choose something of her own among fashionable wedding dresses 2020. Even if you like classics, you will choose a suitable outfit, and only those who are ready to experiment with the image have a place to roam!

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