Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

Wedding is the most exciting and memorable moment in the life of each bride. But the most scrupulous and anxious to this issue fit pregnant girls who marry. In preparation for the solemn event, they should provide a lot of nuances. In addition to the characteristic wedding troubles associated with the organization of an immaculate celebration, being in the position of the bride face difficulties in choosing their own image. Most pregnant women have the same misconception: they mistakenly believe that a growing tummy can prevent them from looking beautiful. In fact, with properly selected wedding dresses, it will be the main advantage, helping to create a truly unearthly image of the bride.

Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

The Perfect Wedding Dresses for a Pregnant Woman: Selection Criteria

Due to the abundance of wedding dresses, tailored specifically for pregnant women, brides of all ages who are at any time, have the opportunity to look perfect. Modern models, radically different from each other, will help create the desired image: gentle, feminine, playful or modest.

What details should be avoided?

But when choosing a wedding dress it is important not to forget about the limitations for pregnant women:

  1. Synthetic canvas. In a particularly vulnerable period, the body may show unexpected reactions. The most often pregnant girls are faced with allergies that did not disturb earlier. Therefore, the dress material must be hypoallergenic.
  2. Slimming corsets. Wedding dresses with lace at the waist are strictly forbidden even in the first trimester when an interesting situation is not noticeable to others. Prolonged pressure on the stomach can not only affect the health of the fetus but also cause deterioration of health and even fainting in a pregnant woman. Therefore, those who want to wear a tight-fitting dress, by all means, should prefer thin and elastic fabrics.
  3. Heavyweight materials. The dress should decorate, not burden the bride. It is better if the dress is sewn from delicate and weightless fabric fabrics that do not exert additional load. Pregnant women need to remember that the clothes can be called comfortable in the case when during prolonged wear a woman ceases to notice her.
  4. Inconvenient shoes. Girls who are in a position often experience causeless fatigue in their legs. The reason for this is the internal restructuring of the body, as a result of which the load on the vessels and the blood system as a whole increase. Therefore, pregnant women are recommended to replace high-heeled shoes and bulky sandals with comfortable ballet flats.
  5. Expressive aromas. Nothing spoils the wedding, as well-being and premature fatigue of the bride. Girls who are waiting for replenishment should not supplement their image with their favorite fragrance. Otherwise, due to excessive excitement and an abundance of people at a wedding event, she may be accompanied by a feeling of lack of oxygen, which is not in the best way affecting both the health of the future mother and the health of the child.

When choosing a wedding dress, it is important to remember about the non-stop change in the proportions of the figure. Regardless of the preferred style, you should try on the outfit no earlier than 7-10 days before the wedding day. Pregnant clothes should fit, not rub and do not squeeze the growing tummy. And in this issue in no case cannot be guided by strangers, average measurements or focus on the volumes assumed by doctors.

Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

Fashionable wedding dresses for future mothers

Designers allow modern brides to choose between the popular lush and fitted options. At the heart of all the latest trends are the classic models of past years. But at the same time, collections 2019 are supplemented with unusual details.

In 2019, designers offer awesome solutions for pregnant brides:

  • dresses with bare shoulders and a deep V-neck, emphasizing the volume of the chest;
  • unforgettable tones (all warm shades of mint, beige, pink);
  • contrasting floral embroidery, expensive stones and guipure inserts that can turn the dresses of the simplest cut into a real masterpiece;
  • stylish and feminine costumes, consisting of elegant trousers and voluminous, airy top;
  • Instead of a wedding veil – exquisite styling, decorated with a diadem or a rim.

Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

The main dilemma – emphasizes or hide?

Some newlyweds do not want to advertise the fact of pregnancy during the wedding ceremony, others want to please the guests with their happy position. And those and others will be able to easily find a suitable style for a wedding in 2019.

Lush, multi-layered outfits of weightless material will help to divert attention from the growing tummy. Unfolding in the wind, he will help to gently hide the pregnancy even in the photo. And in order to focus the attention of the guests of the celebration on an interesting position, you need to choose an A-silhouette dress, decorated with a ribbon under the bust.

Dresses for pregnant women at any time

In the first trimester, brides have the opportunity to wear loose or tight-fitting models made of elastic materials. As tummy grows, pregnant women have to significantly narrow their selection criteria. With impressive volumes, it is recommended to give preference to options with an overestimated waistline, passing right under the chest. Such dresses will not constrain movements and squeeze a stomach.

But if you want to wear a tight-fitting dress on the figure, you can also in 2-3 trimester. Designed for this model should not only be well stretched but also have a noticeable allowance. Only in this case, the bride will be able to move freely and feel excellent throughout the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

It is important for pregnant women to remember that a wedding is an important, but quickly passing event, after which only pleasant memories should remain. Therefore, when choosing a dress, you should not forget about your own health. Regardless of the color and style, the outfit should match the weather at which the celebration takes place.

The bride needs to be ready for a long photo shoot on the street. In her dress, she should not freeze or choke on the heat. A warm cape on the shoulders will help prevent hypothermia in the spring and autumn. And you can avoid overheating, preferring light summer options.

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