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How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

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Modern and stylish brides impose a host of demands on the wedding dress. Today, the most important outfit in the life of a girl should be not only solemn, feminine and luxurious, but also have a striking feature, an unusual feature, a highlight that can express her originality. In the latest wedding collections, designers offered brides dresses, the main feature of which were pockets. The girls embraced this idea with enthusiasm, and on social networks, images of famous brides who choose wedding dresses with pockets are actively discussed. The enthusiastic comments of thousands of fashionistas say that this is a new hot trend.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Dress with pockets is a new word in wedding fashion for lovers of extraordinary solutions. Being a habitual element of casual wear, they look unexpected, bright and exotic in the image of a bride. Creating a contrast between every day and solemn, familiar and festive, dresses with pockets attract maximum attention and leave no one indifferent. Their additional advantage is the functionality, because they are incredibly comfortable, especially for a girl on such a day.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

According to designers, pockets can be a bright distinctive feature of a dress of any style. They are appropriate with a different cut and length, they look organically with both fluffy and skin-tight skirts – in each particular case, this element will give the dress that special touch that will provide an extraordinary sound to the whole image.

The convenience of wedding dresses with pockets

Brides who bother with unusual, flashy details in creating their own image will appreciate wedding dresses with pockets. Such styles will satisfy the requirements of girls with extravagant and original taste while forming an elegant, noble look without too provocative details.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Wedding dresses with pockets are the bright representatives of the new bow style in its modern interpretation. At the sight of such dresses in the imagination arise incomparable Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and Elizabeth Taylor. If you are impressed by these recognized style icons, then a dress with pockets will be the ideal basis for creating a wedding look.

Pockets in wedding dresses, as a rule, slit, carefully hidden by the decor and folds of fabric. However, sometimes there are models with external, patch pockets of various shapes and sizes. This option is not so practical and functional, but it will perfectly cope with the role of the very “cherry on the cake”, which is necessary for each image.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?


Wedding dress pockets are not only a fresh and relevant solution for creating a trendy look but also a functional detail that is attractive from the practical point of view:

  • Modern etiquette is not so strict, so hands in pockets will not be considered a move. For a photographer, this can be an additional source of ideas and interesting perspectives;
  • Pockets, hidden in a fluffy skirt, are a serious competitor to a bridal handbag. It’s rather inconvenient to carry this accessory with you all day, so practical girls are increasingly choosing dresses with pockets that allow you to have the necessary stuff at hand – a mirror, napkins, a telephone;
  • Take calls with congratulations from those who could not attend the holiday, take a spectacular selfie, catch unique shots – for all this you need a phone, one of the most irreplaceable things of a modern girl. In the pockets of the wedding dress gadget will always be at hand and as quickly as possible;
  • When we worry, we don’t know where to put our hands. A wedding dress with pockets solves this problem beautifully and elegantly.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Models of wedding dresses with pockets

Pockets can be a feature and a distinctive feature of dresses of various styles. There are also no special restrictions on the model, fabric, and decor.

Fluffy dress with pockets

Such dresses, as a rule, consist of a corset and a fluffy multi-layered skirt. This is a great model for a fabulous wedding and a bride who dreams of becoming a princess for one day. Pockets in such a dress are an element completely invisible in appearance, but very functional. In addition to the obvious convenience, they also help balance the skirt with a train, making it more comfortable and easy.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Variations on the theme of lush dresses are created from a variety of fabrics. Multi-layered skirts made from lightweight chiffon, organza, tulle, similar to weightless clouds or noble taffeta and smooth satin, creating an ideal shape – pockets will be appropriate anyway. To ensure the comfort of movement, it is better to choose models with skirts on the rings – so the legs will not be confused in numerous layers of fabric.

A-line dress with pockets

A universal model that will make a slim and majestic any figure. One-piece cut, the absence of detachable parts and a smoothly extending skirt – all this draws out the silhouette, gives it grace and refinement. Particularly elegant look such models, made of smooth, noble fabrics – satin, taffeta, silk. Vertical decor elements and neat draperies help to visually adjust the proportions, and pockets that perfectly complement A-line dresses, make the image light and relevant.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Short wedding dresses with pockets

Practicality and convenience of a wedding dress for many brides are very important selection criteria. Girls want to actively move, dance and have fun, without experiencing restrictions due to the length or bulkiness of the dress. Designers offer active and mischievous brides to pay attention to the shortened wedding dresses. Previously, these styles were used as a dress on the second day, and today they are increasingly acting as the main one.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Different options for the length of the skirt allow you to choose the right dress for any height, features of legs and figure. Mini-dresses, long above the knee, are perfect for young coquettish brides with long slim legs.

Pockets will give this dress even more mischief and informality. Dress to the knee is a good option for girls of medium and low growth, and midi length, to the middle of the calf – a combination of elegance, restraint, and comfort. Such models with pockets will be appreciated by girls who prefer minimalism and elegance.

Lace wedding dresses with pockets

The combination of lace and pockets is a spectacular game of contrasts. These models combine luxury and everyday life, sensuality, and restraint. Solemn openwork wedding dresses are represented by many models in which the advantages and features of lace are used to present the figure in the most favorable light.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Trouser wedding suit with pockets

The trouser suit is appropriate not only in the office. Bold and stylish brides who are accustomed to defying everything trivial and traditional choose such an outfit for their wedding. This trend is not new but is now experiencing a new wave of popularity. For the wedding, trouser suits can be counted and overalls, their trend version.

Trouser pockets – very organic detail. Another thing – the whole wedding image, built on a pantsuit. Designers create incredibly feminine models that are not inferior in grace and luxury to the most gorgeous dress.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

However, a pantsuit or overalls is a wedding dress for really brave brides who like to attract attention and to shock. If the girl is just looking for originality and stylish details, a dress with pockets will be a great alternative to pants.

How to Choose Wedding Dresses With Pockets?

Wedding dresses with pockets are a fresh and relevant trend that many fashionable women will appreciate. This detail is perfect for different models of dresses, both classic and extravagant. Printed or overhead, they will become a noticeable element of the image and will cause a lively interest among others. If the bride dreams of a dress that combines originality and functionality, a wedding dress with pockets will embody these dreams in the best possible way.

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