Wedding cake trends in 2019

Choosing your wedding cake design can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. This is due to the fact that the options of cake flavours and designs is almost endless. Many couples want to link the look of their cake in with their chosen colours and themes of their wedding day as well as choosing a flavour of cake that they both enjoy, as well as a cake that with give beautiful images when taken by a Dorset luxury Wedding Photographer.

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In 2019 there are predicted to be some interesting trends in wedding cakes and here are a few for you to take a look at.

Adding flowers and greenery to wedding cakes is not a new trend but the trend of using Fern leaves instead of the traditional eucalyptus is new. Many people are opting for this alongside the beautiful texture and colour of white buttercream to create a truly rustic and nature inspired cake design.

If you are looking for something a little less traditional a doughnut tower or croquembouche may be an option for you. Both of these see a beautiful tower of doughnuts or profiteroles created and decorated with spun sugar and other items. This way you can take individual pieces off from the tower to serve to your guests.

Single tiered cakes are also coming back into fashion with some couples opting to have a number of single tiered cakes creating a display. This could be three identical cakes arranged in an alternative way to the standard tower of cakes through to three different cakes that reflect different aspects of your relationship with one another. It can also be more affordable to have a number of separately designed cakes rather than one large three tiered cake.

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Flowers have adored wedding cakes throughout time but in 2019 it is thought that the use of edible flowers will become even more popular. This does not mean creating flowers out of sugar paste in the way that we have in see the past. This is the inclusion of natural flowers that are suitable for eating being included in the external aesthetics of the cake.

Whatever cake you decide on it will make a lovely addition to your wedding reception with guests enjoying gathering around the table whilst you cut the cake together as a couple to celebrate your marriage.

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