beach wedding hairstyles

Gorgeous and Breezy Beach Wedding Hairstyles Bride and Groom

Beach weddings have always attracted my attention. I think it’s a very exotic and special place to join in marriage with your partner. It is a nice place, with a lot of light, a very special smell, the sun making the tanned skin shine. Have you stopped to think that you should pay special attention to beach wedding hairstyles, to be perfect during the entire celebration of your wedding?

Today I bring you the best beach wedding hairstyles and tricks to make your hair look spectacular; You will be radiant, from morning to night, while celebrating your wedding on the beach.

Beach wedding hairstyles

If you are used to living in a coastal area, you will not have any problem when combing your wedding day. Your hair will already be accustomed to the weather conditions of the sea, the humid wind, the extreme sun, etc.

However, if you are indoors, like me, what happened to you that you arrive at your vacation spot on the seashore and, suddenly, your hair seems to disappear? It is especially straight or frizzy, with a rough touch, does this all sound like to you?

beach wedding hairstyles

Okay, do not worry. Today I am going to give you the necessary tricks so that you look an impressive blow in your beach wedding. Also, I will tell you about the products and utensils that, yes or yes, you have to use to show off your bridal hairstyle impeccably until the end of your wonderful day. Come on. You won’t even remember your hairstyle.

When you celebrate your wedding on the beach, you must take into account a series of details when choosing your hairstyle.

If you decide to wear your hair, do not do a very elaborate hairstyle. Apart from not wearing, your hair would suffer a lot, and, after a while, you would feel very uncomfortable. Bet on loose pickups but well held.

You can’t forget the weather either. On the beach, it is usually quite hot, and it seems very pronounced when mixed with the humidity of the sea. Therefore, do not forget that if you decide to leave your hair loose, you may die of heat.

Let’s look at the newest trends for your wedding hairstyle on the beach.

Short hair

Having short hair does not prevent you from being a spectacular girlfriend. You also have many possibilities to look gorgeous.

My advice is that your hairdresser combs you very festively. Give prominence to a wreath, a headdress or even a turban.

Remember that you will be very comfortable and cool. On the contrary, that a bride with a huge mane.

Half mane

The bob style is still a trend, although now the bangs are becoming more prominent. However, for a beach wedding, I do not advise you to let your hair down.

However elaborate you have your hairstyle; Whether you have used irons or a liter of lacquer, the sea breeze will end up spoiling your hair. Also, think one thing, when you go to the beach, you hold your hair loose ?. It’s a bit awkward. Imagine if it is your wedding day; After a while, or you pick your hair or ask to be cut to zero.

The best thing is to become a semi-pick. One very beautiful way is to make a braid with that hair that you divert from the face. Braids are a total trend and always give a very romantic touch to hairstyles. And it is ideal for a bride who marries on the beach.

You can also opt for a total pickup. The good idea is to make a low bun. Something very important that you can’t put aside is the way you hold your hair.

Being in a place with a lot of wind, and the very wet breeze of the sea will make if you do not hold your hair tight, it will end up releasing. Do not pick it up the whole; go doing it in sections and use many forks holding it well.

Long hair

Without a doubt, long hair is the one that gives more play when choosing a hairstyle for your beach wedding. Many brides choose to wear their hair loose or semi-collected. The first option seems very beautiful if you wear a wreath or a headdress that contains your hair from the whims of the wind.

A well-groomed and loose mane is a safe bet for any bride. But don’t forget the weather on the beach. If it is very hot, you will not be comfortable. Just as there is a lot of humidity; He thinks he can wet your hair and spoil all that romantic effect with the day you started.

One option that I love for a beach wedding is to wear a ponytail. If you comb it with a lot of disdain, nothing tight, covering the hair basket with your hair and adorning it with a floral touch, you will be perfect.

A tall and very disheveled bun is also spectacular. It will be very cool and, if you comb it as I indicated above, your hair will withstand all kinds of breezes and sea humidities. Put a touch of color with some small flowers, and you will be beautiful from morning tonight.

Another option that is a total trend and very appropriate for a beach wedding is to comb your entire hair in a braid. You can pick it up to one side, or leave it on your back. Choose a tang braid or become the most traditional but disheveled.

Special care for awesome hair on the beach

Solar protection

Whatever type of hair you have, and now we will see how to treat it so that it looks spectacular on your wedding day, the first thing you have to have on your dressing table is hair sunscreen. You must always do this; Even in the city, in your day today. The sun is everywhere, and excessive exposure of your hair to the star king deteriorates it in a very short time.

You can choose products that have a high SPF incorporated; although, you will also find specific capillary sunscreens on the market. In various formats; oil, conditioner, styling cream, spray, etc . for every taste!

Extreme hydration

When your hair is not accustomed to humid climates and, suddenly, you expose it to the intense humidity of the sea, two things may happen to you. Or it stays very straight and says goodbye definitively to the volume, or you may also be too frizzy; It is the famous frizz effect.

If the latter happens to you, your hair becomes so frizzy that it seems that you have put your fingers in the plug, I will give you a couple of tips to take care of it before your big day.

Curling is the consequence of a significant lack of hydration. In your day today, you should use all your hair products, especially moisturizers. Try to avoid, daily, the use of heat sources, both dryer, and iron or curling iron. And don’t abuse the dyes either.

If your hair tends to look like that at the most inopportune moments, I advise you to hydrate it deeply for a few months before your wedding. Use extremely moisturizing masks; 1 or 2 times a week apply once and leave at least 20 minutes on your wet hair.

Do you know what mask worked for me like none? Well, actually, I had two infallible remedies to show off bright and very hydrated hair. On the one hand, he used coconut oil; put it from half to tip and let it act as long as you can. Believe me. You will notice that you have applied it because of the spectacularness of your hair.

Another also mask great for moisturizing your hair is to mix sweet almond oil with natural avocado. Crush the avocado, add a few drops of the oil and leave it on your hair for about 20 minutes.

Also, you will have to apply an extra moisturizing mask on your wedding day. You will ensure that the sea breeze and humidity do not end with your precious mane.

Let me give you some advice: carry a moisturizing oil in your bag and, whenever you remember, apply it to your hair. Believe me that in the long run, you will notice a beautiful result.

Spectacular volume

If your hair “falls” when it detects the humidity of the sea, it stays straight, stuck to the head and there is no way to give it volume, then you need to help you with products that put it where you want it to be.

A few months before your wedding try to use hair products that contain keratin (fill holes and fissures to give more weight to the hair), provitamin B5 (this product increases the hair fiber) and polymers (you will manage to give thickness and body to the hair). Try to avoid frequent use of dryers, irons, and curling irons.

On your wedding day, you can take advantage of products that help you work your hair. Think of sprays that shape your hair with surf waves, specific products to give volume at the root or, also, dry shampoos. You will manage to keep your hair at bay, and you will be radiant throughout the ceremony and banquet of your wedding.

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