How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

You have decided to consolidate your relationship with your favorite man’s union of wedding rings, and the date of this solemn event is already known. Do you want this day to be remembered not only by you, but also by your family and friends, friends and all invited guests, but do not know where to start preparing for the wedding? You will certainly succeed in organizing this holiday beautifully and tastefully, the main thing is to try to make a proper preparation plan for the wedding.

Making a plan start with the distribution of responsibilities, with a list of your assistants. They can be a future husband, sisters, nieces, girlfriends. Mom cannot be included in the list, she will help you and off-plan. Then, when a new task appears in your plan, immediately assign the performer to it.

The wedding planner can be divided into four conditional periods:

  • about six months before the wedding
  • two to three months before the wedding day
  • one month before the holiday
  • one day – a few hours before the wedding celebration

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

Preparing for the wedding – six months before a happy day

There are several points of the plan of preparation for the wedding of prime importance, which, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to begin to engage in six months before the wedding. It:

Search for the registration hall (you can hold a ceremony where you like, not necessarily in a public institution)

  • Choosing a banquet room
  • Search for a photographer and video operator
  • Selection of musicians and holiday hosts
  • Selection of cars for the wedding procession

These issues are very important to begin to engage in advance so that you have enough time to agree on all the nuances and adjustments to the action plan.

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

Wedding chores two to three months before the wedding day

It’s time to go shopping. To start, make a list of everything needed for a wedding. Something like this.

For newlyweds:

  • wedding rings
  • basket for rings
  • champagne glasses

For the groom:

  • suit
  • shoes
  • boutonniere
  • bouquet of flowers (as a gift to the bride).

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

For the bride:

  • wedding dress
  • veil (at the discretion of the bride)
  • garter on foot (and a pair is better)
  • A little bag
  • bolero (if necessary)
  • shoes or sandals
  • decorations

For a couple of witnesses:

  • boutonnieres (medals)
  • tapes (optional)

To decorate cars:

  • ribbons, bows
  • arrangement of decorative wedding rings
  • flower decor
  • air balloons
  • Stuffed Toys

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

This is not even a quarter of the list of what you need to buy in the process of preparing for the wedding. There will be more lists for guests, for bride price, for the reception hall, for a walk, a banquet, for contests, ceremonies and much more. Even if most of the items on these lists are small things, it is very important to take them into account and remember to buy them.

So, why is it advisable to start a shopping plan for a wedding a few months before the day of the celebration? Because you can not immediately find any item from the list of what you want to see on your holiday. Or you can find it right away, but not in your country, and you will have to wait a long time for it to arrive from abroad.

Wedding preparations a month before the wedding day

When the entire (or almost all) shopping list has been completed, it is time to draw up a plan for organizing wedding preparations.

A plan might be something like this:

  • Distribution (delivery) of wedding invitations
  • Preparation of the resettlement of foreign guests
  • Entry to the beauty salon for manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, and makeup
  • Scheduling a wedding day
  • Planning a walk and photo shoots
  • Organization of a bachelor party and hen party (choice of venues, ordering entertainment events)

How To Start Preparing For The Wedding?

Wedding chores a day and a few hours before the wedding

The pre-wedding preparations are the most exciting, because the day for which you have been preparing for so long is about to come, and more and more often you catch yourself thinking – have you ever managed? Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Not for nothing that you have already made and thought out a plan for preparing for the wedding. In your preparations, just continue to follow the plan, and everything will turn out as you wish.

The day before the wedding, it is advisable for the bride and groom to have a good rest and sleep. Therefore, the bachelor party and bachelorette party is better to spend two days before the wedding, despite the tradition. Or you can do without these parties. The bride and groom will have to spend almost the entire wedding day on their feet, so they need to gain strength and patience before the day of the celebration. Manicure and pedicure are desirable to do one day before the wedding. In the morning time of the wedding day, only the most enjoyable chores will remain – hair and make-up, outfit, preparation for meeting the guests and buying out the bride (according to a predetermined plan). Of course, on this day, the bride and groom cannot do without assistance, who will know in advance who is responsible for which points of the wedding preparation plan.

So, the right preparation is the success of any event. And such a holiday as a wedding, one for life, and preparation for it is no less important than the celebration itself. Enjoy your preparations and great eternal happiness!

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