Brides Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Brides Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

I remember when I had long hair. I liked to wear them practically every day. Despite what they say about you can pick it up and make a thousand hairstyles with it always came back in the same style. I think I only picked it up when I was at home. Today I come to bring you a lot of wedding hairstyles for long hair so that you look spectacular.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you are getting married and have long hair, do not give up wearing it just because you think it is better collected. Take it as you like, as you feel more comfortable.

The fact that you are going to wear your hair down does not mean that you should not put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Many brides indeed wear their hair in a very natural way, especially if they celebrate their wedding on the beach or in the open air, but, even so, those simple manes have a professional job behind.

I recommend that you also do a hairstyle test. Your stylist has to know very well what type of hair you have to apply the right products. When wearing long hair, you need to apply products that keep the hairstyle impeccable throughout the day.

Free hair

Many girlfriends don’t want to wear any hairpins in their hair. If you feel like wearing your entire mane, totally loose, here are some ideas. Take the opportunity to wear an accessory such as a headband or small jewelry that holds a whimsical lock.

As you can see, practically all hair with loose hair is very worked. It is very nice to wear straight hair, but the large and open waves give a touch to your very elaborate hairstyle. They favor practically all women. And, in case you want to wear a veil, you can wear a small headdress to hold it.


You know that braids with the big winners for a couple of seasons. If you don’t feel like wearing your hair down, you can always include a braid. It will give a very sensual and casual touch.

As you can see, imagination is unstoppable when it comes to wearing braided hair. If you like to wear your straight hair, don’t give it up on your wedding day. Above all, be true to your style. Therefore, I advise you to do a hairstyle test, despite wearing your hair down as usual.

Your stylist may make you surf waves, for example, and you will love it. Or maybe you look gorgeous with very sharp waves. These styles are in full trend whether you want big waves or a small wave of your hair.


If you do not want the hair on your face to bother you, bet on a semi-pick, play with volumes on the top of the head. Leave some loose strands that fall on the sides of your forehead. Above all, consider the style of your wedding, your dress, etc. Adapt your hairstyle to the headdress, veil, tiara, or floral ornament that you are going to wear.


Bringing all your hair to one side is a trend in this year 2018. It is a way to take your hair down while you have it collected because you know how hot the hair is, right? Especially if we are in summer.

A trick to keep your hair very fluffy throughout the day, especially if you have it fine, is to wash it on the wedding day but without applying a mask or styling cream.


Follow these wedding hairstyles for long hair that you can not miss since you will find dozens of more examples of possible hairstyles so that you are spectacular the most important day of your life.

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