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Winter Wedding Tips for Formal Wear

Most weddings are celebrated in a warm period, between spring and summer, although more and more couples are experiencing the autumn period. The new fashion looks at winter weddings, which cover an increasingly evocative role in the wedding scene. Follow our winter wedding tips. We try to exploit nature to our liking, with evocative images given by the snow or by the less bright colors of a landscape enriched by the rain and the rainbow that it can achieve.

So let’s see what the best winter wedding tips for ceremonial dresses can be, during a reverse wedding. You don’t suffer from the cold and make a good impression.

Winter wedding tips: the right dress for everyone

Taking part or organizing a wedding in the winter poses a problem not just: the right dress to wear. While for men it is much easier to choose and decide for a heavy suit, with an adjoining coat, for the bride who has to wear a wedding dress, everything becomes more complicated. What is the right dress for the protagonist of the ceremony?

For the ideal wedding dress, the first question to ask is: civil marriage or in church? If you are in the first case, then the event will be celebrated in common. It will not be difficult to find the right dress. But if it is in the second case, that is in the case in which the marriage is religious or civil in religious style. The white dress must usually be the most used. It must be beautiful to see, and, it must protect the bride.

But don’t imagine a hooded or super-covered bride, but you still need the right protection to enjoy the fateful day without dying of cold.

On the market, there are some exquisite winter wedding dresses. It can amaze the guests and guarantee the bride not to take an illness due to the cold temperatures.

Many choices for fabrics and models

winter wedding tips

Many couples get married during the winter just to take advantage of this opportunity. The bride experiments with a wide range of different fabrics to form a unique wedding dress.

It is recommended for the winter wedding to focus on a dress with a large volume that has important and precious embroideries, in the upper part. This probably will be the one a jacket will cover that. This transforming the upper part with pomp will highlight the dress and make the jacket less showy. Make it appear as a simple accessory and not as the main part of the dress.

Fashion trends for winter brides

Fashion trends for winter brides

Fashion is also an important factor regarding the wedding dress that you intend to wear during your winter wedding. The modern bride, in the new trends, is presented with long or three-quarter sleeves and with the presence of large flowers scattered all over the dress. These additional components help even more the bride to protect herself from the cold.

It is advisable if you are not a lover of the jacket to choose a soft faux fur or even better than the duvets and leather jackets created just for weddings in winter. As far as shoes are concerned, everything depends on the bride’s tastes. Instead of the usual heel shoe, you can choose a boot or an ankle boot¬†combined with the colors of the wedding dress.

Dress for a winter wedding

Dress for a winter wedding

For a winter wedding, we can choose all kinds of dresses, both short dresses, going through a long midi, even long dresses. It is more appropriate to wear long mid or short dresses, leaving long dresses for an afternoon wedding.

The best thing is that in winter weddings: play with the length of the skirt. We can also play with the sleeves. If you like long sleeves or French sleeves, take advantage of winter weddings to wear them.

You can contrast wearing long sleeves and a short skirt to cover those parts you want to hide and enhance the ones you like best in your body.

As for the color, at a winter wedding, you can also wear whatever you want, but it is preferable to choose colors that are consistent with the season.

If you don’t want to complicate yourself, two colors always fit in this time of the year: stick pink and red. They are timeless colors that according to the accessories with which you wear them, you can wear them even in the morning and afternoon wedding. You can also choose other variants such as burgundy dresses, which is a fashion trend for a wedding that will take a lot this winter.

Garments for a winter wedding

The easiest option is to get a garment that is a single color and add accessories to give more personality to the look. So you can get more out of it, and continue wearing the same dress since weddings in November, or as wedding dresses in March or, without ceasing to be according to the time of year.

For winter weddings there are many options for long-sleeved overalls and also the long leg that is beautiful. They give a more original touch to the guest’s look, and they are also super comfortable and very warm.

You will not have to consider even the option of wearing socks if you are one of those girls who hate to wear this garment so uncomfortable throughout the celebration.

Outerwear for a winter wedding

Outerwear for a winter wedding

Once you have chosen the dress, jumpsuit, or clothing that you want to combine, the most pleasant time comes. The most complicated to dress in a winter wedding: choose the coat. A warm item becomes very necessary, especially in weddings in the afternoon when it is colder, in which case you can wear a warm coat.

To avoid breaking the aesthetics of your elegant guest look, choose a coat that is elegant and simple. One favorite of the season are the coats of hair. If you don’t have any that goes according to the occasion, the neutral-colored cloth coats are also perfect.

For a wedding, another outerwear that you can turn to is an elegant blazer. Do not wrap as much as a coat, but if it is daylight and the sun shines, you may not need to recharge the look too much, and it is enough with a shorter jacket.

Another coat option that can save us a little from the cold, and which is also a very elegant accessory, is the hairstyle. If you are a fan of this garment, wear it on this occasion, because it is the perfect time to wear it.

Depending on the size of the stole, we can wrap ourselves more or less. Even accompany it with our favorite coat if it is too cold and we need an extra garment to go comfortable with our look.

Accessories for a winter wedding

Accessories for a winter wedding

The last step for a winter wedding guest look is to choose the accessories well. For these cases, the protocol dictates that it is preferable not to recharge the look too much, and choose simple accessories. But precisely the protocol is to skip it, as long as the accessories we want to wear fit in the chosen look.

The part that we should not skip the protocol and the headdresses for night weddings. Remember that these accessories should not be removed during the banquet and that we will have to endure with them until the moment of the dance, so it is preferable to go comfortable.

In addition to the stole, you can gain warmth in your look by putting on your winter accessories that give much more elegance: gloves. Leather, velvet, or any fabric that is special and feminine, it will be the icing on the cake in your final look!

Now that you know winter wedding tips. You have no excuse this season to be the perfect guest. You will be spectacular!

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