wedding hairstyles for long hair

26 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you need the inspiration to fix your hair on your wedding day, surely these 26 wedding hairstyles for long hair inspire you. If you are more traditional, as more modern, this guide will help you what to do. Discover the trends of hairstyles and hairstyles for the bride on her wedding day.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

The bride must always be the protagonist in a wedding, and choosing the hairstyle or the one picked to show off is very important, so much that sometimes it’s challenging to make a choice. To select a hairstyle for your wedding, you not only have to take into account its style but also a series of factors that combine with the hair and the look in general:

– What type of dress you wear, with a neckline or without a neckline, with bareback, etc.

– The wedding style, whether it is a classic or modern wedding, or with a vintage touch.

– The physical appearance that you have as the type of face, the kind of hair, your height, etc. Your hairstyle will depend on these factors but do not stress.

There are many wedding hairstyles for long hair for all tastes. Hairstyles with straight hair Although many brides wear a hairstyle with curly or wavy hair.

Here we are showing 26 wedding hairstyles for long hair. Please, have a look below.

Straight hair is also a good

Above all, if you have straight hair naturally, you will save a lot of time and stress. The first thing is to choose a nice cut, either long or short. If you carry it by the shoulders and you have bangs, a semi-pick is very nice, especially at late weddings. Another way to wear straight hair is to make yourself a disheveled hairstyle, with soft waves, and a middle stripe.

Accompany it with a headband

You can also make a braid style headband or cascade. Wear a hairstyle with wavy or curly hair if you have wavy hair. You can wear it loose or semi-picked with soft waves, which are still fashionable. You can pick up a lock with an elegant hair accessory. You can also wear wavy hair on one side and even create waves that look like a braid.

Layered haircuts

Pigtails and braids in your hairstyle Two hairstyles are very fashionable: the high ponytail with volume and the side braid. The latter is usually worn a little loose and disheveled, which gives a very modern touch to your pickup. Wavy pigtails or braids with accessories are also a good option. Remember that you can combine tousling with both techniques.

The collected to one side is an original way to wear your hair for a wedding, and if you add them loops at the ends, be more delicate. You can add some accessories to give it a more romantic and sophisticated touch, such as a headband or pearls. You can also combine braids with the collection and the bun. Make the braid on one side so that the bun or the collection is centered if what you want is asymmetry.

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