How to freeze wedding cake

How to Freeze Wedding Cake that Lasts for Several Weeks

Weddings are full of tradition. Old traditions are transmitted from previous generations and newly established traditions. Wedding traditions can be family, cultural, or religious. A common wedding tradition is to save the top layer of the wedding cake for the first anniversary. Proper conservation methods have to be used to have a cake that can be eaten and enjoyed to commemorate your wedding. The careful storage in the freezer allows you to incorporate this tradition into the celebration of your marriage.

How to freeze the wedding cake?

Before refrigerating your cake or cake dough, consider we freeze what type of cakes best. Although most are suitable for this, it is necessary to remember that frosting cakes are the best to refrigerate. Here we are presenting 2 processes to freeze wedding cake.

First process

You just have to avoid freezing cakes that contain cheese or egg creams, either in frosting or filling. Nor is it advisable to freeze fat-free cakes, as they are prone to dry quickly.

Step 1

You should select a wrap as the moisture in the refrigerator could reduce the quality of the cake or the dough. We recommend using aluminum foil, film paper, a plastic bag with closure or butter paper. You can also store the cake in a metal container, so, besides preventing moisture, you will keep the sweat away from the smells of the freezer.

Step 2

Next, to know how to freeze cakes, wrap the cake. In case it is without glaze, you can wrap it in the usual way and place it in the freezer. But if the cake has frosting, put it in the refrigerator until the frosting is hard. Then, wrap the cake with lard or film and finish it with a foil wrap.

Step 3

After two months of freezing, the cake will dry. After four months, it will lose its flavor. For what we recommend, leave it in the freezer for up to three months if the cake does not have glaze and two months for the glazes.

Step 4

If you want to freeze the cake dough without it having been baked, take note: grease an airtight container or ideal for baking and line it with baking paper. Then put the mixture and put it in the freezer without a lid; check that the hard dough remains and then wrap the container with plastic wrap

Final step

Defrosting the cake will vary depending on whether it is glazed. For the first case, take the cake out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. In this way, you will prevent the glaze from condensing. If the cake does not have a glaze, let the cake thaw, sip the marble from the kitchen, at room temperature. This process will take two hours and will vary according to the size of the cake.

Second process

Step 1

Place your hands below the top level of the cake, if it is supported above the rest. If the upper level sits on the wedding cake, slide two cardboard cake servers under the support level.

Step 2

Carefully transfer the level to a large plate. Use tongs to lift the flowers or any other base of sugar decorations that are sitting on top of the cake. Set the flowers in a piece of plastic.

Step 3

Put the level and the flowers in the freezer for five hours. This hardens the glaze enough so it does not stick to the plastic wrap when you prepare it for storage.

Step 4

Remove the level from the freezer. Wrap the entire piece with a plastic wrap making sure it is completely covered. Slide the cake wrapped in a large resealable bag. Place the flowers in a separate plastic bag with closure so you can place them back on the cake when you’re ready to eat it.

Step 5

Keep the cake in the freezer until the day before your first wedding anniversary. Change the cake to the refrigerator overnight to begin defrosting. Place it on the counter for an hour or two before eating to warm it to room temperature.

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