Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

For brides with short hair, this option has long marked fashion trends, worn with waves, headbands, jewelry, and flowers. The most popular hairstyles range from braids, accompanied, also, with other accessories.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

French knot:

It is a very practical and simple option to perform. Applying a bit of fixative will make you look spectacular and very jovial. To wear this look, you must first comb your hair to the side, take a strand of the top and separate it in two. Then you join two portions of hair in a soft knot and hold it with a crochet hook. Repeat the pattern and when you get to the center, take the hair from the other side and place it back with another bra to be proportional, but with a bit of asymmetry. You will look great if you have shoulder-length hair.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Side with flowers:

For hair with a low cut, they expose the neck, it is asymmetrical, and it is worn with bangs. The flowers add a spring effect while enhancing the profile of the shoulders. Some styles include a braid, drawing a side stripe, followed by a spike-shaped braid that culminates with brilliants or with a colorful bow. However, for those who have silky hair, they can take their waves slightly to the side without much complication.

Semi Collected:

It adapts very well to brides who have an asymmetrical bob style. Uncovering the shoulders highlights the design of the dress and its embroidery. If your face is oval, it will be better if you take the middle line to the side and pick up a little at the height of the neck, to give it volume with an elegant bun that exposes the tips with their respective waves.

With a wreath:

The particular touch of nature envelops you in a dream world, it is carried with vintage-style waves. Instead of taking it to one side, you can preserve its natural fall and release your waves slightly backward, so that the asymmetrical touch that projects ease and spontaneity is observed.


It can generate the illusion of a mane with a false path, with the flower or pearl headbands that add a special touch. There are also other styles, such as those with braids and brooches that add volume. The modality you choose must go with your personality.


It is worn with waves and diamond brooches or pearls. Add a bit of sensuality, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable throughout the wedding. Vintage is a technique that went viral during the 20s and 30s, very popular on the big screen. Each strand should be separated and combed carefully. New fashion trends were refreshing this style, adding loops and bangs.

With volume:

For brides with straight hair, it is very practical to take the hair back. The styles aim to show off the hair with volume naturally, keeping it very soft and silky, without curling and using products with a fixing effect, preserving the movement to show a perfect mane.

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