Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Woman Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you are a simple bride and want to wear a natural hairstyle, this section is for you. The important thing is that you keep the style of the occasion and spontaneously project a jovial image. In case you are the bridesmaid or a special guest, let us advise you to attend this important event with a very practical look.

Wedding hairstyles for curly hair

Twisted bun:

Also worn with pearls, flowers and headbands, it is an exceptional option. It is a romantic look and easy to perform. First, untangle your hair, divide it into two parts and tie them in a light knot. Take a lock of the top of the knot and cross it at the right end, down. Press it with a bra so that it does not come loose and repeat the procedure again with the lock of the bottom, crossing it from the left upwards.

Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Rolled up:

Similar to the twisted bun, but you add a little more fixative and place it halfway. Basically, the technique is the same, you just have to make sure your hair is free of knots and frizz.

Simple collection:

You can take it back and let it loose or simply pick it up high with a headband. A league located around will add more firmness.

With side braids:

Instead of using hooks, you can give your hair a special touch with three thin side braids.

Romantic pick-up:

With elastic rubber bands, you can take your hair back, holding thin strands and intertwined at the top.

With braided headbands:

By choosing side strands, you can make a braid and use it as a headband, adorning it with light accessories such as stars, appliques or pearls.

Winding back:

Adding a fixative, you can comfortably take it back and make small bows, in the style of a braid.

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