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Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

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According to stylists and image makers, as well as all those who are trying to follow the latest fashion trends, one of the most popular hair weaves in recent times is styling, in appearance resembling the finiteness of aquatic inhabitants, namely, fishtail hairstyle.

Next, we describe in detail the features of the creation of this hairstyle. Thanks to our advice, any beauty turns into a real goldfish! Spit at all times was considered an ornament of a woman, one of the attributes of beauty and temptation. Hairdressers and lovers of weaving have created a wide variety of options for creating braids – from French spikelets to extravagant African brooches. However, few styling can be compared with a spectacular and unusual “fishtail”.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

For beginners, it may seem that to create such a scythe, experience and special skills are necessary. But, after reading this article, you will see that a little ingenuity and manual dexterity will provide you and your friends with an amazing hairstyle for all occasions, which will take no more than five minutes to complete. In addition, this type of weaving does not require the use of any additional tools and accessories – just a comb, elastic and, if desired, varnish for additional fixation.

The process of weaving fishtail resembles a classic French cone, but much easier, because you only need to work with two main strands of hair. Visually, the spit has a resemblance to the tail of the fish – at the base, it is wide, at the same time noticeably narrowing towards the end. This hairstyle is relevant in almost any situation – with it you can go to a business meeting, a romantic dinner, a reception, a gym, a party, shopping, office or study. She is able to harmoniously complement any image, add chic and showiness emphasizes femininity and beauty of hair.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

How to weave a fishtail hairstyle?

Immediately before starting the process, it is necessary to actively comb the hair and slightly moisten it with a special agent or plain water – this will reduce electrification and make it easier to work with curls. All hair is combed back, small strands no more than 2.5 cm thick stand out from the temporal zone on both sides, they must be crossed with each other. Holding the curls with one hand, choose the next part of the same thickness, cross the right with the left, putting them on top and fixing it with the hand. Alternately highlighting the strands on both sides, we braid the braid to the lower hairline. As a result, we get a ponytail, choosing from under it strands of a predetermined thickness, alternately on the left and right sides cross them together. Bringing to the end, we pin the hairpin or ribbon.

If you decide to braid such a braid yourself, we recommend to pre-assemble hair in a low tail at the back of the head or side.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

It will take quite a bit of time and you can create such a hairstyle in minutes. It’s time to experiment! First of all, we recommend trying to braid the “fishtail” not tightly or fluff the already finished braid, for this you need to pull a little by the thin strands that form the hairstyle. This advice is relevant for owners of not very thick hair, devoid of volume.

The braid that passes from one side of the head to the other, or the fish’s tail, made in the form of a rim, looks impressive, for this, you need to start weaving at one temple, and finish at the opposite. Two symmetrical “fishtails” are perfect for creating a childishly tender or romantic image.

This type of weaving is an excellent solution for curly hair – braiding the braid you need to pull out the curls a little, and you get a lace effect, which can be complemented with bright ornaments, rhinestones, sparkles or flowers. We are sure that you will be irresistible and will not go unnoticed on any occasion.

Experts recommend trying to weave a “fishtail” from the line of bangs, crown or neck. A spit created from three or more basic strands, as well as a combination of various types of weaves, looks very unusual.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

Who would suit such a fishtail hairstyle?

It should be noted that this styling ideally looks on long hair. Rare and thin curls she

Will give additional volume due to the possibility to fluff the braid and release strands. Curly or thick hair will be able to get extra lightness and femininity. In a particularly impressive hairstyle looks on the head of hair, painted in different colors or past highlighting procedure. Intricate weaving will emphasize color transitions and shine of hair.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

How to decorate the braid?

Correctly braided, a braid of strands of the same thickness, it looks stylish and organic and without additional accessories. In that case, if you prefer a tight weave, it will be enough hairpins or elastic at the very end, matched with the clothes. However, if you decide to choose a freer version of weaving or fluff the finished fishtail hairstyle, you can add additional decoration in the form of ornaments, ribbons, rhinestones, hairpins, flowers or feathers.

Fashionable Fishtail Hairstyle

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