Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Choosing a wedding hairstyle can be difficult because modern girls have so many wonderful styling options for a wedding. In the last year, a delicate, natural image, which emphasizes the natural beauty of a girl, gained immense popularity. Beautiful flowing hair became its inseparable part: this type of hair will suit every bride. What are the most interesting wedding hairstyles with flowing hair?

Wedding and evening hairstyles for long flowing hair

Long-haired beauties should think over their hair in advance. Due to the large length, the hair is more susceptible to damage; the ends are often split and fade. In order for such styling to look organic, a health course is needed a month before the celebration – masks, putting oils on the tips, their regular cutting. This pre-wedding therapy will allow hair to look alive and luxurious, which will not allow guests to take your eyes off you.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

On short and medium

Wedding hairstyles with flowing hair will be a wonderful decoration for girls whose length barely reaches the shoulders. In this case, it will look great lush high styling with a pile decorated with various accessories – hairpins, rims. Medium-length brides are perfect for gorgeous Hollywood large curls, smooth “cold waves” fixed by the gel. The latest hairstyle perfectly complements the bandage, comb or elegant veil.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

With veil

A veil – a wedding headdress which will help to emphasize the romantic image of the bride. It will look great with thick, chic hair. In order to secure the veil on a short length, you may need a hoop, overhead, extended strands – especially with regard to the bulk long veil. On the long head of hair, the accessory is attached with the help of pins, invisible at the top of the head – the fastening at the back of the head does not look organic.

With tiara

This element of decor will suit girls who want to feel like real princesses; it will look great with loose hair. To make the accessory sit well, you can comb a piece of hair from the back, lift it at the roots with varnish – you get stylish. Also, the tiara looks great on completely loose hair. It can be decorated with pearls, shiny rhinestones, decorative stones; the main thing is to choose an accessory that fits the dress.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

With straight hair

Girls with straight thick hair can afford to leave the wedding hairstyle in its original form, only slightly fixing it with a hairdryer, varnish. To emphasize the beauty of the hair, use a special shine. If initially, your hair is frizzy, apply a little mousse on the wet strands, dry it, and then straighten it with an iron, make a perfectly smooth parting. Wedding hairstyles with straight flowing hair look laconic, so they suit an elegant image.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

With curly

To look cute during the celebration, natural – choose wedding hairstyles with loose curly hair. To create this option, use small or large curling tongs, curler curlers, fix the result with a special tool. The current trend of recent years – curls, curls, decorated with a wreath of large flowers, emphasizing the naturalness of the image. It should be supplemented with light, gentle makeup.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

With weaving

Wedding hairstyles with weaving and flowing hair look gentle, romantic. They open the forehead, the ears of the bride, will help to hide or emphasize the bangs. It looks interesting Malvinka with harnesses, twisted from the temple. While thinking about hairstyles on loose hair, decorated with weaving, use fantasy, and then make a trial version with an experienced master. For details, see this type of styling in the photo:

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Simple and quick holiday styling options for brides with flowing hair

For those brides who do not want the whole wedding celebration to walk with loose hair, stylish styling options can be used that will quickly turn loose hair into a more comfortable hairstyle, for example, a bun. Well, if the wedding will be attended by a stylist or girlfriends who will help create this or another styling – it is unlikely to comfortably comb her hair in a wedding dress.

With a scythe

Spit is perfect for girls whose hair is twisted by large or small curls – this will help make the hair volumetric. The classic spikelet, graceful fishtail, French braid will look great. Beautifully looks like an option when the braid is set on its side.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Half-open curls

Slightly gathered romantic curls will be comfortable. This variant of lying will turn out to be created with the help of stylish, pigtails. Make the bouffant to give a fluffy shape, with the help of a hairpin, fasten the side strands to the back.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair


Magnificent Greek styling will make you a real star of celebration. It can be created with the help of a bandage, under which twisted strands twist, and also be made in the form of a high hairstyle or a half-disheveled hair.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Hair Bow

Graceful bow looks cute, interesting and original. This option is perfect for girls who have not too long.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flowing Hair

Wedding hairstyles with beautiful flowing hair look great, emphasize the natural beauty of the bride’s youth, her romantic nature. Creating such styling, remember that the hair is not overloaded with gel, varnish or mousse – then it will get a sloppy look, will create a feeling of “stuck together.”

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