wedding underwater

How to Organize a Wedding Underwater?

Are you considering getting married underwater? It is a very top trend for those couples who do not want a conventional wedding. And the experience is well worth it. If you do not know very well how to organize an original underwater wedding, here I show you all the details so that you can make that day the most original of your life.

Before doing any kind of preparation, you have to think very well where you are going to get married. Even the hotels take care of providing you with all the details. Traditionally, underwater weddings are held in Cancun. In this privileged place in the Mexican Caribbean, you can choose to celebrate your wedding under the sea, or in any of the aquariums found throughout the city.

You might like to have some unique guests. In Mauritius you can celebrate your wedding underwater, surrounded by some guests of the marine fauna. Within the Caribbean Sea, another very special place for this type of celebration is the virgin islands of the United States. Specifically, there are three that offer these events, St Thomas, St Croix and St John.

Bali is another of the tourist destinations that has recently incorporated the offer of this type of underwater wedding. It is a wonderful place where the specialists in these events will make your wedding a unique and unforgettable celebration.

2 ways to celebrate your underwater wedding

wedding underwater

This depends a lot on the place you have chosen. It is not the same that you celebrate your wedding in a pool, that you do it 3 meters deep in the sea. Wherever it is, you have to think about where your guests will be. Some couples ask their companions to also be witnesses at the time of the underwater bond. Come on, and they have to get wet.

Although this is not the most common, not everyone can swim, much less scuba. The most common is that the two protagonists go down, along with the master of ceremonies and the photographer, to the place where you will celebrate your wedding.

And where are the guests? Undoubtedly, when you say “Yes, I do” and you exchange your wedding rings, it is your moment, and also, I believe that the most important of the whole party.

For this reason, the vast majority of companies that organize this type of weddings provide boats with windows in the lower part. Thus, your guests will be witnessing that magical moment without spoiling an iota of their outfits.

While you are sealing your love with a water kiss, they toast with champagne. Nice, right? There is another way to celebrate these weddings underwater. Some couples prefer to marry on land, in the company of all their guests; and then do the whole photographic report underwater. In any case, rest assured that the experience will be unforgettable.

Some tips to keep in mind

Obviously, an underwater wedding is very special. But you also have to take into account a series of details that differentiate it from a conventional wedding.

wedding underwater

Your dress

Normally, wedding dresses are almost entirely hand-sewn. And, many times, they cannot get wet. Also, it will not be in normal water. The saltpeter from the sea, or the chlorine from the pool, can damage your precious dress a lot.

However, there are special wedding dresses to be able to wet them in the sea. But if getting married underwater makes you so excited that you don’t mind getting your dress wet, write down these tips to avoid spoiling that garment that will make you unique.

Try to choose a dress that does not have too many lace or rhinestones. Fabrics such as tulle or some types of taffeta can get wet, without losing the showiness of when they are new. The same is not the case with fabrics like wild silk, for example.

Keep in mind that your wet dress will weigh a lot, and the less ornamentation it has, the better it will be for you. In any case, check this out very well when buying your dress. The bridal shop’s own dressmakers can advise you.

In general, very generally, a wedding dress can be washed at home using a neutral soap and some grease remover from clothes. Regardless of whether or not you will wet it in the sea or a pool, it will always end with a stain; especially at the bottom. And, if it has a tail, it usually ends up black.

The fact is that your dress is perfect after the wedding. Something that you have to keep in mind when you wet your dress when celebrating your wedding underwater is that when you go to the surface, you have to have another dress to continue the party, just like your boy.

This is why some brides prefer to use a very simple dress for the underwater link. And later, when they are already at the banquet with their guests, they put on the most spectacular dress.

As with yours, your boy’s suit has to be made of a fabric that can get wet. Normally, boys’ clothes are usually more difficult to clean, due to the complexity of the fabrics. So, check this very well when you buy the suit.


This is extremely important. It has to be waterproof all over. If you put on your foundation or mascara without them being waterproof, it can go bad as soon as it gets wet. Your face is smudged and, what a disgust, right?

Here you must get wet when you do the hairstyle and makeup tests. You can do it under the shower; the case is to check that your makeup remains intact underwater.


Keep in mind that it is not enough to have a submersible camera. You have to be an expert photographer in underwater photography.

I advise you that before the big day, you immerse yourself with your boy in the place where you will celebrate your wedding (well, you still have no occasion; a pool serves you the same), and take some photos.

That way, you can rehearse poses and poses for photos. But, above all, you can also see how they look, and decide if you like them, or not.

wedding underwater

When you are looking for the photographer, do not forget a couple of very important things, at least for me. Do not stay without looking at her portfolio; and, if you don’t like what you see, don’t follow him/her. A photographer has to make you feel very comfortable.

And also, it is essential that you define with it, the type of photos that you like the most. For example, if you prefer a portrait or a pose, to a snapshot, you should make it very clear.

Well, these tips are useful for any type of wedding you are organizing. The most important thing here is that you choose a photographer who has experience taking underwater photos.

If you and your boy do not have experience as divers, it is essential that you do a previous course, to be able to carry out your wedding underwater.

Your wedding among sharks

You have to know that many of the companies that organize this type of weddings already have a diving course for the bride and groom, before the big day.

If you are very transgressive and want a totally original and different wedding, they will put you in a wetsuit, some fins, and oxygen bottles. Hey, and who knows if in the end you dare to swim among sharks. It is a trend within this type of wedding. Although the most common is that they put an oxygen box and some diving goggles.

How is the ceremony

I suppose by now you can imagine what your underwater wedding ceremony is like. But, in case you have any questions, I’ll tell you. Some companies that organize this type of event already have an altar installed in the area where the master of ceremonies will officiate your liaison.

Although this is not always, nor do, I consider it to be totally necessary. As you cannot speak underwater, they will give you some posters with the answers to the questions that the celebrant will also ask you through posters.

Meanwhile, your photographer will not (should not) stop taking pictures of you. And the moment of the kiss is up to you. Some couples actually kiss, and there are those that do not do it until they reach the surface.

In any case, the feeling of peace and silence that you will notice while you are getting married underwater is something that you will never be able to explain to anyone. So, enjoy it!

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