what color should the mother of the bride dress be

What Color Should the Mother of the Bride Dress Be

Few things make a mother more excited than seeing a daughter say “yes I want”. Under a discreet role in the background, she too will be the object of all eyes. What color should the mother of the bride dress be? We give you 6 tips for you to be sure of your look.

She has also participated in the search for wedding dresses, has traveled the city several times to find the perfect wedding shoes and has accompanied you to all the florists where you wanted to look at bridal bouquets. But this time it’s up to her to choose. Does your mother already know how to dress at your wedding?

What color should the mother of the bride dress be?

what color should the mother of the bride dress be

The bride’s great counselor is always her mother. A key piece in the preparation of the link that, logically, leaves all the prominence to the bride and groom on their big day. A discreet role that also translates into clothing appropriate to their role, which must follow rules of protocol and good taste. Simplicity and elegance are the maximum, so that sometimes, without departing from this premise and always depending on the type of ceremony, personal tastes or the figure of each person, the rigidity of the protocol is relegated.

In any case, there are things that never fail. Take note of these 6 tips to choose the dress of the mother of the bride. She will be almost as pretty as you!

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1. Talk to the godmother

The godmother – usually the groom’s mother – is the main protagonist of the wedding after the bride and groom. And since her label is the one that marks the formality of the event, no guest should be more groomed than she.

The mother of the bride must respect this position and also try not to match her in the color, design or cut of her 2019 prom dress. Good advice is to talk to each other. Let the godmother choose your dress first and, once you have it, talk to the mother of the bride so that she knows what color or type of dress you should not buy.

2. According to the wedding style

Although we were talking about the degree of formality, the reality is that it is the bride and groom who decide the style of the wedding and, therefore, the looks of the groomsmen and the guests must be according to the type of the wedding and the celebration. However, mothers should not forget their own style and personality. Thus, a dress and accessories that combine their identity with that of the wedding will ensure a look 10.

3. Avoid black and white

It is not just advice for her, it is the universal rule of weddings. No guest can go blank to a link unless the bride and groom themselves indicate it, as happens, for example, in the case of Ibiza weddings. And, although the choice is not white, we must ensure that the chosen color cannot be confused with the bride: beige, pearl gray. Black party dresses are also not appropriate at weddings, especially for the godmother and the mother of the bride.

4. The color according to the season

The neutral or pastel colors and soft colors are usually very flattering for mothers. Light colors like pale pink, coral and champagne, along with floral prints, as long as they are discreet, will be a hit in fresh and vaporous fabrics.

Also, bright colors, like cherry, strawberry, aqua or green prom dresses are gaining prominence at weddings, especially in the spring and summer. And the browns, garnets, bottle green or navy blue in the autumn-winter ones. In this case, thick, shaped fabrics will be more suitable.

5. The length of the dress

If the wedding is during the day, the protocol establishes that the godmother is the only one who can wear a long party dress, while the other guests must wear cocktail dresses, including the mother of the bride.

However, at night all guests can go long. So, in this case, the mother of the bride must follow the protocol or the label marked by the bride or groom. That, as long as the bride and groom do not decide to skip the protocol and be the ones who dictate what the rules of their wedding are.

6. The complements of the look

La Pamela is a complement that can give a very chic touch to the bridal outfit, but that can only be used at daytime weddings. As for the rest of the look, it is best to ask the godmother if she is going to wear a mantilla, Pamela or headdress. In the event that she does not want to wear any accessory on her head, it is recommended that the mother of the bride does not wear it either, as it would steal prominence from the first.

At night weddings, the headdress is the only option to decorate the head. Other accessories that can match the sobriety of the dress are clutch bags or jewelry, without forgetting the shoes. We all look at the shoes!

With these tips, you can go to see all the party dresses in the city with your mother. And don’t forget to take a look at the groom’s suits at the same time. You’ll kill two birds with one stone!

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