How will you choose your wedding shoes and get them in time?

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life, but it’s often easy to overlook some of the smaller points when planning the day. For example you may forget to buy you shoes in time and may have to ask a Same Day Courier Slough company found at links like send them to you recorded service to get them before the day.   Here are some important things to consider when choosing shoes for that special day.

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Wear them in!

Your wedding day is not the day to be trying your shoes on for the first time. Yes, you want to keep them looking pristine for your big day, but wearing them around the house on a few occasions beforehand will help to wear them in and make them more comfortable when the day arrives.

Tradition vs Statement

If you have a very traditional dress, there’s no reason why you can’t make a statement with your shoes. Some brides have even been known to wear shoes that reflect their hobbies or fandoms, whereas others have added a splash of colour with a shade that complements their bouquets.

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Don’t neglect your feet

Even if you are wearing shoes that cover your toes and feet, take time to have a pedicure before the day. If your feet are soft and moisturised and your nails are trimmed, your shoes will automatically feel more comfortable and easier to wear.

Consider the cost

It’s estimated that the average spend on the bride’s outfit is a little under £1500. Before splashing out a fortune on the shoes, consider whether or not you are likely to wear them again.

Think about your venue

Where you are getting married can have an impact on the choice of footwear. An historic Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue may ban heels, for example, in order to protect their wooden flooring. Similarly, a garden venue may make heels impossible to wear.

Go for comfort

You have to wear these shoes all day, from that first walk down the aisle to the final farewell. If you are hosting your wedding at a venue, you’ll be in and out of the building enjoying the terraces and gardens, so make sure you’re comfortable in your footwear on a variety of surfaces.

Take your time to do a little research and your shoes will manage to be stylish and comfortable, allowing you to dance into the night with your new spouse.


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