The ultimate wedding checklist

It’s lovely to be invited to a wedding, isn’t it? The bride and groom are probably among your best friends or closest family members. There is also the romance of the occasion, not to mention the free wine! There may be a few things for you to remember first, though.

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Choose your present

In times gone by, it was common for the bride and groom to receive three toasters on their wedding day. Thankfully, things have moved on a bit since these times and it is now more usual for the bride and groom to devise a gift list before the big day. This takes the hassle out of the whole affair of buying a suitable present. However, it can be wise to choose your gift shortly after you receive the invite. That way, you will have more choice over what to buy.

Know how to get there

It is terrible wedding day etiquette to arrive late for a wedding, especially if it has already started. Everyone should have taken their seats by the time the bride arrives, so that she can make her big entrance. Make sure you know how to get to the wedding and where to park to make sure that you are on time and not panicking.

Choose your outfit

This can be the most fun part, especially if you enjoy shopping. There are many different types of dresses for wedding guests. These days, it is quite popular for a wedding to have a theme and this will usually be made clear on the invitation. Dress accordingly, whether it is a beach wedding or a formal affair (

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Choose your accessories

Once you have chosen the all-important dress, you now have to decide what to wear it with. Choosing matching shoes, jewellery and head wear will take the stress out of trying to decide what accessories to wear on the big day itself. It is less common for ladies to wear hats to weddings these days, but do check the type of wedding it is going to be. Formal weddings may still require a hat or at least a fascinator to be worn and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable if you have got it wrong

Once you have got these things sorted, you can start to relax and enjoy the celebration.

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