Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Do you want guests to remember your celebration for a long time? Show them how to get into a fairy tale that can be created with the help of soap bubbles at a wedding.

Air bubbles, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, just will not leave indifferent even the most avid skeptics, allowing them to plunge into childhood. In this article, you will learn how to organize a stunning banquet with such unusual entertainment, and what should be considered.

Variants of programs from soap bubbles for a wedding

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Why do kids love soap bubbles so much? Because they bring a lot of joy, shimmering in different shades and creating a magical atmosphere. Do you think this entertainment is for kids only? It is in vain – a good soap show will create the right mood for adults too! It is unlikely that someone will refuse to look at the newlyweds inside a huge soap bubble or be surprised at the burning bubbles flying across the hall.

Soap bubbles are suitable not only for a wedding in the warm season but in the winter they will also make the celebration truly incredible. The fact is that at a temperature below minus 7C the bubbles freeze and turn into stunning fragile balls, painted by nature itself. This is a great idea to decorate a wedding photo shoot or exit registration. Just create a scattering of frozen soap balls right on the snow and highlight them with garlands of light bulbs. Then your photos will be as colorful as possible, and guests will not forget such a holiday for many years.

You might not know this, but now you can create different forms of bubbles:

  • Multicolored garlands.
  • Wisps of small bubbles that keep their shape for a long time.
  • Big balls with lots of small insides.

Do not worry – hairstyles and guest attire will not be affected during the soap presentation. Modern technologies do not allow the soap solution to leave stains on clothes or glue hair. However, it is worth discussing with the artists their influence on the flooring, laminate or tile – a soap solution on it may well preserve traces. To prevent this from happening, ask the artists in advance if they use a special mixture that protects the floor. Otherwise, you may have problems with the administration of the restaurant after the holiday. You should also make sure that the hall does not show through, because then all the soap beauty just flies out the door or out the window. It is important to discuss with the artists and the issue of cleaning after the show. In particular, will they be able to wipe everything out after their performance so as not to leave any traces?

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

In addition, an important question – hypoallergenic mixture. Soap bubbles will surely fall on the skin of many guests, and among them may be allergic. Therefore, in advance, ask the artists what the mixture is made of, and try it yourself on the skin. Especially this question is important if there are small children at your wedding.

Here is another small detail that can negate the whole effect: the soap solution should be resistant to different temperatures and humidity because you never know what conditions will be in one or another place of your wedding celebration.

The budget of the celebration usually bursting at the seams, so the question of the cost of a soap show is sure to face the newlyweds. If you want to save money, then simply buy jars of soap bubbles and distribute them to the guests, let them run during the whole celebration. If you wish, you can give a small instruction along with the jars at which specific moments you want the banquet participants to launch the bubbles. For example, during the first dance, carrying out the cake or at the moments of touching toasts of the parents. So your friends and family will be easier to understand what you expect from them.

Artists providing “soap services”, of course, cost more, but the showiness of such a show will be much higher. Many agencies and independent magicians provide this kind of service. What can surprise guests like shows? We tell:

  • Multi-colored balls, large and small.
  • A huge soap bubble in which the newlyweds will be. The bride and groom do not need to be afraid that he will accidentally burst, professionals will take care of this. Believe me, your guests will also want to go inside such a bubble, and not only children but also adults.
  • The first dance of the newlyweds in a cloud of tiny iridescent bubbles blown by a special machine. Such a sight looks just amazing!
  • Soap bubbles decoration: foam crowns for adults or hats for children. Such fun will delight any guest.
  • Soap garlands of various shapes and lighting effects. Be prepared that there can be so many variations that it will be very difficult to choose one thing.

Newlyweds kiss in a giant bubble

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Have you ever been inside a giant soap bubble? Do not miss this opportunity at your own wedding! Just imagine how delighted the guests will be when they see the huge ball, inside which there are lovers. The special composition of the bubbles allows the couple to move inside the soap bubble without fear that it will burst. Be sure to include this spectacular number in your wedding program and do not forget to warn your photographer about it. This moment is definitely worth capturing on film.

Bubble Fireworks

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Imagine how you leave the registry office, and you are showered with petals and coins. Try replacing these attributes with lots of soap bubbles. The most affordable option is to give the guests a jar of soapy water. The way is more expensive and more spectacular – use special guns that create whole fireworks of bubbles. Believe, your photos in the cloud of soap bubbles will look incredibly impressive.

Such a stunning firework is suitable not only for exiting the registry office but also for a banquet. Dim lights, newlyweds dance the first wedding dance, and hundreds of iridescent soap bubbles around them – all this is incredibly beautiful. Make such a number will help the gun, blowing a lot of bubbles. Do not forget to provide for a socket under the gun next to the place where the bride and groom will dance.

Square bubble

What could be the soap bubbles for the wedding? Round or oval? But what if you show guests blowing a square bubble. Yes, this is possible! The organizers of the soap show bring a special frame, thanks to which a square bubble surprises you and your guests.

Foam Garlands

Garlands of foam are good because they do not burst for a long time and allow adults and children to enjoy them. Give your fiance or bride a big bunch of soap bubbles. Little guests of the holiday will be delighted with such entertainment and will surely decorate the banquet hall with a soap garland.

Creating bubble caps

Would you like to try on a hat or a decoration from the smallest soap bubbles? Such a number is also possible, and laser illumination and magical music will help to create a special atmosphere.

Burning soap ball

Why not use your wedding to refute the laws of physics? The soap ball consists of water, glycerin, and soap. After all, he cannot break out, right? And no! On a soap show, anything is possible, including a burning soap bubble. The secret of this enchanting presentation is not so complicated, for this the magician uses a special tube with a mixture of easily igniting gases. Just be sure to discuss with the performer security issues. Perhaps he should stay away from flammable objects.

Multi-colored bubbles filled with smoke

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

We are all accustomed to transparent soap bubbles at the wedding. But what if you show the guests colorful balloons filled with smoke? Delight adults and children. Matte bubbles of white color will alternate in festoons and caps with iridescent transparent ones. Believe me, this is a truly unforgettable beauty in sight!

Wedding photo shoot with soap bubbles

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding

Whichever option of the above-mentioned entertainment you choose, be sure to take care of the photographer who will be able to capture the action for you. Choose a real professional, because the soap bubbles for the wedding are very short-lived, and the situation for a beautiful frame can exist literally within a few seconds.

Let the master take all the moments of your wedding day. Take a “soap specialist” for a photo walk to help make your photos original and unforgettable. Or grab a bottle of soap bubbles from a children’s store. They definitely come in handy during the photo shoot.

Be sure to take pictures not only during the walk, but also in the registry office and, of course, in the restaurant itself. And also do not forget about the small touching moments – they are the best remembered.

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