The therapeutic efficacy of thermal balneotherapy

From the thermal bath in an individual bath to relaxation and rehabilitation in a thermal pool: as long as it is hyper-thermal bromidic iodine salt water from spas.

Thermal balneotherapy has considerable importance in the thermal establishments of spas. It is usually practiced in the form of an immersion bath in individual tanks or in the pool, with or without whirlpool. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

From the thermal bath, to relaxation to rehabilitation in the thermal pool there are two components are involved in determining the therapeutic action of a thermal bath: the water temperature and the chemical composition of the water itself

Regarding the changes that heat causes on the human organism in general, on locomotion organs and on painful manifestations in particular, the chemical composition of the salso-bromo-iodica mineral water of the spas has a stimulating and resolving effect on the inflammatory processes also of the deep organs. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Individual thermal bath

A medical therapy recognized by the National Health System. The thermal bath has a stimulating effect on the circulation and on the cellular metabolism and is indicated in hypertension, in arteriosclerosis, in obesity, in gout, in states of depression and, above all, in peripheral vasculopathies and also in some arthropathies.

The thermal bath is usually added with ozone. The ozone bubbles exert a delicate massage, coming into contact with the immersed body surface, determining stimulating effects and activating the circulation (dilation of the capillaries, squeezing of the venous vessels, and increase of blood velocity to the periphery).

Dry human skin is not very permeable to gases and water-soluble substances, while damp skin, softened in hot water, becomes permeable by diffusion, allowing the ozone dissolved in the bath water to reach the deeper layers of the tissues.

Furthermore, the large amount of ozonated air bubbles that continuously rise to the surface of the water also determine a general action on the organism by inhaling ozone at optimal concentrations, favoring the absorption through the respiratory tract of the various salts present in the water spa.

Swimming in the thermal pool

From pure relaxation to the ultimate rehabilitation therapy, the therapeutic action of the thermal bath in the pool takes place through specific factors (chemical-physical characteristics of the water used) and non – specific factors (water temperature, mechanical and hydrostatic influences of the water itself).

For this reason, becoming otherwise difficult or painful movements out of the water does not require excessive expenditure of muscular energy to keep the parts of the body in the desired positions and the muscles release more completely.

The hydrostatic pressure acts on the venous circulation, especially on the return one and on the blood deposit organisms. For these actions, swimming in the pool is used for re-education in arthrosis, arthro-tumoral diseases, and replacement, in some functional and organic peripheral vasculopathies.

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