Wedding hair styles from the Iconic 1930s and 1940s

More and more people are opting for a vintage wedding these days, whether this means revisiting the strait-laced sophistication of the Victorian era, resurrecting the chic flapper style of the Roaring 20s, or the waves, curls and rolls of the 30s and 40s.

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If you have decided to have 1930s- or 40s-inspired nuptials, you will want to look the part, which means perusing the most stunning vintage hair styles to help you recreate the style of the era.  This look could spread to all the family and friends coming to your big day. It will also look really good at a beautiful Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester location.

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Choosing the right look

To help you to decide just how you want to wear your hair on your big day, here are couple of the most popular styles from the 30s and 40s:

1930s waves and curls

This truly iconic 30s look has been worn over and over again by a host of 21st-century celebrities, ranging from Taylor Swift to Diane Kruger and Christina Aguilera. Back in the day, these curls used to be worn very close to the head for a slick, sleek look; however, women tend to want more volume in modern times and it is probably a good idea to reinterpret the style with looser, bouncier curls. This is a great way to subtly update the look while still evoking the glamour of the period.

1940s rolls

As the 30s gave way to the 40s, flat curls gave way to bigger, bolder curls achieved with the use of rollers. Check out images of Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and even Lucille Ball and you will get the gist! This is still a popular look among Hollywood stars and the likes of Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese, who love taking inspiration from this era. You can either choose to do a direct copy of the original 1940s looks or opt for a subtly different 21st century interpretation with softer, looser waves, which are guaranteed to flatter your vintage wedding dress.

For plenty of helpful tips and tricks with regard to perfecting your bridal style, be sure to visit wedding blogs.

Now you know more about gorgeous 1930s and 1940s styles, it is time to select the right look for you. Whether you go for finger waves, curls or big elaborate rolls, you are sure to look the epitome of a glowing vintage bride!

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