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30+ Classic Wedding Invitation Cards Templates (Updated)

In this period, classic wedding invitation cards go wild, with floral designs that reflect the bridal bouquet, fun fonts, and materials like jute and raffia. If instead, your wedding has the taste of tradition, the perfect style is the classic one. Here we have thought of you with an article that takes up some suggestions, inspirations, and guidelines to create traditional invitations also starting from the marriage phrases used for the announcement.

30+ classic wedding invitation cards

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You can realize it yourself: when you ask in typography for classic participation models, the proposals revolve around an exact technical scheme. This does not mean that you have a little margin on which to choose or that there is no possibility of customization, but to stay on the classical style it is good that the wedding invitations do not deviate too much from these elements:

The dimensions

Usually, they are square format cards; those who prefer the rectangular format, develop the card with a broad and narrow rectangle. The reverses box is mostly used for rustic style invitations.

The fonts

The most popular fonts are those in a calligraphic style that reproduce the beautiful handwriting. In this sense, the choice is vast. As an alternative to or besides calligraphic fonts, there are modern clean and linear fonts that keep a stylish and straightforward overview of your invitation.

The text

The place of honor is reserved for words: there are no funny phrases, playful allusions or bizarre writings, at most a love phrase on the title page. The text is essential and straightforward, clear, and easy. For those who want to remain faithful to tradition, the parents make the announcement and, at the bottom of the invitation, it reports the addresses of the houses now replaced in the recent requests by email and telephone number.

Appearance (sometimes) counts as the substance

What are the materials and colors that can be included in your choice panel? Let’s start with the colors: the classic participations are maintained on a bright palette: white, ivory, cream, pearl gray with some incursions of pastel colors. Blue is considered the symbol of elegance par excellence, so it is often used for fonts, for ribbons or, in some cases, for the color of envelopes. Red is used in some details for classic and formal weddings at the same time. The materials are elementary: thick-weight cards, satin or grogre ribbons used as a closure-envelope to resume the processing of your lace wedding dress.

Is there a way to fly with fantasy?

Although the primary mood of these invitations is essential and straightforward, there is still a way to create original wedding invitations. The classic style brings together the idea of ​​tradition and authenticity. So, with a little flair and good taste, you can also create something unique and personalized:

Lacquer wax

It is reminiscent of the formal invitations of the medieval era. Use it to close your invitation in parchment style, perhaps with irregular edges. Do you know that you can personalize it with your initials?

Custom stamps

To be used on the front of the envelope, on the back or, sometimes, inside the invitation; you can customize them with a phrase, your names, the date or a symbol that represents you. These will give the right character of formality that does not hurt.

Perfumed essences

Before closing the envelope, spray on your invitation a scented essence suitable for the paper. This idea will be an original but invisible touch. It will make your masterpiece unique without necessarily filling it with frills and ornaments.

Handbook of good manners

If you have opted for the classic style and have respected the suggestions we have left you in the preceding paragraphs, do not the sin of ingenuity bypassing good manners:

  • Write the names of the guests by hand with beautiful calligraphy, preceded with the formula “MR. X” or “MRS. X”;
  • Avoid academic qualifications (Ing., Dott., Avv…) because they have been out of use for a long time, keep only the appellations for ecclesiastical or milestone offices;
  • Hand out invitations by hand or at most by mail.  The digital tools are abolished since these invitations focus a lot on the tactile sensation of the paper and its finishes.
  • Apply the same style rules to the entire graphic layout of your wedding.

There are numerous occasions in which to use a suite that incorporates the elements of the classic wedding invitation cards. The thanks you tag accompanying the wedding favors; the booklets for the celebration; on the table. For example, there are the wedding placeholders, the menu card and wines, the cards with the tastes of confetti. If you can bring the classic style back to all the decorations, you will have an overview that is both accurate and effective.

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