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Five rules of wedding that can not be broken

Undoubtedly, I think a wedding is the one who organizes it. The bride and the groom and that therefore they can do with it what fills them and makes them happy. Also, if we add that it will be a unique event (it will be celebrated once in a lifetime) and very special, this makes it even more valid. In this post, I will present the five rules of wedding that can not be broken. I collected the rules from wedding crashers. Take note!

However, I believe that if there are things, elements, factors that can not be changed for any reason, jump or not follow why not? Oh, yes! In life, not everything has to have an idea or a reason. You may also like: PROVENCE STYLE WEDDING

That is why I am going to explain to you five rules of wedding that can not be broken. I took from the questions that are commonly asked by the brides who follow me or with whom I talk.

rules of wedding


Five rules of wedding

The first of the five rules of wedding that can not be broken has to do with something. I tell you a lot, and it is an incorrect choice of wedding etiquette. Brides if they will marry in a garden they can not put on the rigors label invitations since it is not a scenario that forces the guests to go long and the tuxedo guests.

The second also has to do with the way of dressing and the wedding but particularly with the future husband. What do I mean? There are different types of wedding dress and that your sweetheart will have to select based on the big day. You can not mix! And the same applies to the color of the wedding suit for the wedding.

The third is related to the protocol for the bridal veil. This accessory is a religious element, so if you are married only in a civil wedding, you can not wear a mask.

The fourth has to do with the wedding ceremony. If they are married at a Catholic wedding, the mass can not be outdoors. It will necessarily have to be in a church or chapel consecrated or recognized for the marriage to be valid.
Five rules of weddings that can not be broken

The fifth is that for nothing in the world may be missing the acknowledgments of the wedding of the bride and groom for the guests: cards, packed in envelopes, personally dedicated to each guest, who are delivered on the day of the wedding to thank their gift and their presence.

1. Check your invitation

The places in a wedding are the topics that most stress brides … They have a super clear list of how many guests will have and believe me that is what the couple most discusses. How many is each boyfriend’s turn? To your cousin, who does not have a boyfriend, how many passes do we give her?

If the invitation does not say they have a double pass, do not arrive with companions! Do not assume that all guests have 2 wedding passes unless your invitation states. If you get 2 individual passes, or up to 5, then use them. If not … better go alone.

rules of wedding

2. Choose the dress well

I know that the subject of white dresses in the guests is becoming more relaxed, but many brides still find it in bad taste that you appear wearing a white dress, so we better avoid it. Wear one of any other colors.

It is also essential to investigate how elegant the event is, whether it is night or day, whether it is on the beach or in a garden or a closed room. On this will depend the length and cut of the dress, always choose one appropriate for the occasion. If it is at night, it is better to have a long one, although if they are not very close to the bride, they can go short. If it is daytime, short dresses are accepted, but if they are in courtship or are familiar, it is better to go long.


It is very important that they let you know if they are going to the wedding or not … Usually, two weeks before the event, they will be called to confirm their attendance. It is the ideal time to let them know if they are going or not … No place will be wasted if they notify with time, but it is terrible that those dinners that are already paid if last-minute does not arrive are lost. If they have an emergency that same day send a message to one lady or to the mother of the bride so they know they can use those places for someone else.

4. Children

More and more weddings that prefer to leave children out If you have children and you are not sure whether to take them or not, ask. Ask the couple or someone close to the organization of the event if they are considering having children among the guests.

That’s also why it’s important to review the invitation … usually, there you specify if you do not accept little ones, but if you do not say it better, ask before you appear with your children.

5. Gifts

It will always be well appreciated that you take the time to send them a gift … However, no one considers it as an obligation. If going to the wedding already means an economic effort, do not stress over the subject of the gift.

The bride and groom will always be grateful for any gift, the reality is that they chose those that they like the most and put them on that list. Do not complicate or get very creative (unless you know them very closely and you are sure that you will hit their tastes) and better stick to the list.

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