How advert outfits are created

The use of clothing in advertisement can help the producers and writers create the image that they want to. Wardrobe choices are made with care and allow the viewers to focus on the product the advertisements are trying to sell. Mens designer shirts in bright colours may be suitable for use in cheerful, uplifting adverts such as family-oriented food advertisements. Plain, subtle clothes may be suitable for adverts where larger, creative pieces like furniture are being highlighted and the actors are used to show them off. The light, subtle colours helps to draw the viewers eyes to the correct items. If clothes are being advertised, the models will usually be in the centre of the screen and the background will be diminished in order to emphasize the products.

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EJ Menswear sells many items worthy of being used by stylists to style actors and models in tv and internet advertisements. The website offers a large selection of garments which can fit a variety of themes and narratives set by production teams. Common adverts can include many actors and therefore need many clothes, including clothing fit for men, women, and children. Scenes depicting families and groups of friends are very common. These offer opportunities for stylists to purchase or rent large quantities of clothes. This is done in coordination with entire production teams.

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