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Doing Your Own Hair for Your Wedding- Do’s and Don’ts

A cynic in you may wonder if you’ve seen a to-do list for your wedding. And if it isn’t long enough already.

Well, love trumps fear. Don’t be afraid to do exactly how you want it because someone else thinks there are better things to spend your time on.

Because sometimes your hair is quirky and has its own policy that only you understand. Having a bad hairstyle, or worse yet, the one that’s not you is way worse than having to get up a little earlier and make sure you like it.

Especially if you have a destination wedding and feel like matching your do with the environment.

For instance, this wedding venue in Houston surrounded by forest might elicit different ideas for the style. It can be both boho and free-spirited, but also minimalistic and chic.

Whatever the choice, make sure you follow some basic rules.

The Actual Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t wash your hair on the day of your wedding. The moist will get stuck in it, it’ll look full (but not in a good way) and frizzy.
  • Do make sure your blow drier is strong enough and has a cooling button. When you blow dry it, use one brush stroke with normal heat and spare the last one for cool air. This way you extract the moist from the hair making it sleek, not fuzzy.
  • Don’t cut or color your hair a day before. actually, when it comes to cutting, do it at list a month and a half before. That’s because the styling will last longer if your hair is a little bit “used” so to say. When it comes to coloring, observe how much it takes for it to wash off but look nice and shiny. But don’t wait for it to look “overused”
  • Do use a moisturizing mask a day before. Water is life, hydration is always a good idea, hair, skin or body. Extra tip: use clear gloss the day before to add some extra shine.
  • Don’t wait for the big day to practice your hairstyle. Do it several times to see how your hair behaves. Then add extra excitement and sweat in the endurance equation.
  • Do have tons of bobby pins in the color of your hair. And bring spare ones in your purse. Together with a mini hair spray.

Perfection Is a No-Go. Neither Is Disinterest

But before you start a journey of any wedding preparations, including your hair, keep this in mind: perfection shouldn’t be the standard you’re comparing against, because perfection doesn’t exist.

You can strive for excellence, and that’s different because it allows some space for humanness and “mistakes”.

I’m sure you’ll do your best to look the best possible, but what’s important here is that this day isn’t about that unruly strand of hair which bugs you to the level of unrest. Take it as proof of life. It’s ok. It’s enough that you have the love of your life next to you.

I don’t preach being reckless and doing nothing either. If you think it’s your modus operandi, and you just don’t like being put together and “out there”, think about the roots of that belief. Is it maybe that you think it’s shallow to want to look your best?

These are two extremes, yet extremely possible.

Why (Not)?

There’s one other legitimate reason women opt for doing their own hair: a tight budget. And we get it.

But if it’s the only reason, try to get frugal on some other stuff, like decorations and party favors or thank-you cards, or any other less important (and less memorable for that matter) aspect of the day.

Think about it: do you really, really, REALLY wanna do it yourself because you know your locks like no one else, or are you sacrificing it because of the long guest list?

Here’s a fact: if you need to cut on your style, chances are you’ll have to cut on everything else as well. Isn’t it better to review the guests and make it bearable for all parties involved? Because let’s be honest: the only substantial way to cut expenses is to shorten the list.


Whatever you choose, doing your own hair, or hiring a stylist, make sure it aligns with your deepest desire and vision.

If you truly can’t afford it, try asking a dextrous AND punctual friend to do it for you. (There’s no room for waiting for anyone, punctuality is essential).

Or learn the ways of your hair, google the options for your hair type and face shape, get the required material and you go, girl!

With enough practice, everything is possible. Instagram and YouTube tutorials will tell you that.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire a professional, make sure your visions match… before the day.

Have a trial styling for there’s nothing worse than having something on your head that you hate or that doesn’t isn’t essentially you.

“Hair Comes the Bride”! Hear hear!

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