Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Today, more and more ladies prefer short haircuts. Pixies, quads, asymmetrical options have a lot of advantages. Short hair is easier and faster to style; it is suitable for both young ladies and aged women, making their face younger and fresher. Often girls find it difficult to choose evening hairstyles, but there are plenty of ways to make them bright and attractive with a short haircut.

The most popular evening hairstyles

Owners of short hair have a wide field of activity because they can be straightened, screwed, give volume, while using the available tools and a minimum of gel, wax, and varnish. This applies to all: and girls with a square, bob hair, French hair or stylish “hat.”

The most common evening hairstyles for short hair:

  • asymmetrical styling;
  • romantic options;
  • retro styling;
  • Greek style;
  • ultrashort male options;
  • extraordinary styling.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Before laying the head must be washed. After shampoos, it is advisable to apply conditioner, balm or nourishing mask. So the hair will have a more well-groomed appearance. Obedient strands are easier to comb.

Choosing a hairstyle is worth considering some of the nuances. So, for girls with an oval face, curls or chaotic strands will be ideal, and for round hair, straight hair, which will visually enlarge it. If a woman has a high forehead, then evening hairstyles with bangs will help to hide it.

The narrow forehead is not desirable to close bangs. This can visually shorten the face.

There are different options for styling bangs. It can be combed to the side or back. The effect of sharp tips is achieved by applying to the bottom of the small strands of foam.

Ideas for stylish evening hairstyles for short hair

Creative disorder – the choice of extravagant, extraordinary personalities. At the celebration perfectly fit volumetric hairstyle, which looks stylish and at the same time restrained. The main secret of adding volume is proper drying with a hairdryer. Experts advise to carry out the procedure with his head down.

For young, bright girls it is worth playing with shades. This will help to make the hair not just elegant, but also modern. And do not forget about the accessories – they are relevant to almost any length and make the image complete.

If it is difficult to choose one yourself, then celebrity photos will help to do it Stars are not afraid of experiments, and among them, you can find evening hairstyles that can impress and surprise.

#one. Chic curls for short hair

Curly hair is always beautiful. And on short hairstyles, curls and curls look quite original. Girls with a square, asymmetrical haircut or bob hairstyle can please themselves with coiled hair:

  1. To do this, use a curler or curler. The choice depends on the length of the hair, as well as the size of the desired curls.
  2. To make the strands beautiful, you must first apply mousse or foam on your hair.
  3. After the formation of curls, you need to give them the correct form.
  4. In conclusion, you need to sprinkle with lacquer hairstyle.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Attention! If you want to create a stylish retro styling, then you should use a special triple styler. It will help to achieve the perfect curls.

# 2. Artistic mess – the original festive version

This way of lying is ideal for owners of ultra short hairstyles. Girls with haircuts bob and gavrosh can become more attractive and make their own image of their dreams. For this you need:

  • give volume to the hair at the top;
  • shake strands with your fingers in a chaotic manner;
  • apply gel on dry hair and leave for time to dry;
  • Varnish the result of strong fixation.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Important! An artistic mess can be varied. It all depends on the volume that you give your hair, as well as the direction of styling strands.

# 3. Styling options for girls with four

For owners of cars, it is important to choose the right festive hairstyle in order to look harmonious and attractive. So, for girls with thick hair, voluminous options are perfect. Make it simple:

  • Apply clean foam or mousse to clean hair;
  • Align with a curling iron;
  • Comb the hair back and give them volume, combing each strand;
  • Fix the hair will help lacquer, and complement the image of the bezel or a wide ribbon at the top.

Doing this hairstyle to girls with weak, thin hair is not recommended, because the strands will hang down and have a lifeless appearance. For them, the chaotic curls will be ideal, which will give life and volume to the long hair. To do this, you need to twist strands, moistened with foam, and in random order to straighten them. You can also use curling, but not to create curls, and for easy curling hair. This hairstyle will look original and suitable not only for the solemn event but also for work.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

#four. Festive hairstyles for ultra short hair

For girls with male haircuts, the curling option disappears automatically, but creating a chic hairstyle is quite realistic. The following tips should be used:

  1. Make a color accent. Strands, highlighted in a contrasting color, the game of shades will help to present the hair in a favorable light.
  2. Artistic mess. For too short hair, it is enough to use the foam and give direction to the strands. They hold well and look quite stylish.
  3. Use the original accessory. Flowers, barrettes, ribbons, and hairpins will help to give a solemn look to ultra-short hair.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Tip! To each strand was clearly highlighted, you should use wax or gel.

#five. Festive hairstyle on short curly hair

With the help of ordinary bobbins, you can create a real masterpiece. Small curls look stylish on short hair and create a casual look. In addition, the hair wound in this way will retain its shape for a long time.

Complement the hairstyle can be a stylish accessory that will help not only to complement the image but also to fix unruly curls.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Stylish accessories

With haircuts, caprice accessories will look stylish. You can create an unsurpassed image. This will require:

  • apply mousse or foam on clean hair;
  • front strands align and twist;
  • lift the back of the hair with a brush-brush and fix it with stealth;
  • fix the front strands with tape, barrette or rim.

The described actions will help to give volume, since the front part of the strands will be pressed to the head with an accessory, and the back part will stand out. To consolidate the effect it is necessary to coat the hair with lacquer.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Features of the use of accessories for evening hairstyles:

  • Due to them, you can easily change the image – the fringe is removed from the forehead, allowing and hairpins. Color and quality should complement the image, be combined with the outfit and appropriately look at the attended event.
  • Barrettes Easy fix curls and long bangs. A variety of design and color allows you to create a romantic hairstyle.
  • Original accessories with feathers, beads or flowers. Using them you can create a bright and unique image.

When choosing, it is necessary to focus on high-quality accessories that do not crush or lash out hair.

# 6. Bright accents for asymmetrical haircuts

Refined and elegant hair can be done on asymmetrical haircuts. For this, the front strands are aligned with the style, and the back ones are combed to give volume. For lovers of bright and bright hairstyles, you can use toning tools to highlight individual strands in color or make an ombre.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Tenderness will help the girl to emphasize restrained curls on the side with the maximum length.

Attention! Curl your hair is not worth it if your face is thin. This will make it even more elongated.

To create evening hairstyles, you can use shimmering lacquers or sprays. A stencil pattern on the strands will allow you to stand out from the crowd of extraordinary individuals.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

# 7. Maximum volume is a stylish solution.

Bulky evening hairstyles look festive and stylish if you follow the styling technique:

  • wash your hair and comb;
  • split into separate strands and process them with mousse or foam;
  • put on the root of the special means to give volume;
  • dry your hair, twisting them to the inside with brushing.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you want to achieve the maximum volume, you should make the back of individual strands, but at the same time make sure that they are covered with a layer of even hair.

#eight. The display of romantic nature in the hair

Tender and sophisticated girls with short hair are very easy to emphasize their femininity. Soft waves are best for this. In addition, you can make a side parting and, using a curling iron, twist one side of the hair. For romantic natures, Greek haircuts are also suitable – curling hair, fold back and fasten with a clip or stealth. They always look nontrivial and stylish.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

#9. A wet effect for extravagant ladies

Actual for more than one season is the wet effect. This also applies to short hair. Make it simple, and it looks gorgeous. For ladies with a car or men’s haircuts, it is enough to wash your hair, slightly dry them and apply mousses, foams or gels of light texture. Then you need to shape your hair with your hands, giving the desired shape to the strands and completely dry your hair.

The image of a fatal beauty with the effect of wet hair can be created at home in the following ways:

  • To comb all the curls back, straightening them ironing. On the top, make a little nasty. Near the temples strands smoothed to the head and fix them with foam and varnish;
  • Lay all the hair to the side; press them on the one hand invisible or stylish hairpins. In this embodiment, the strands are left straight or slightly twisted.

Original Evening Hairstyles For Short Hair

Important! Drying should be natural. Using a hair dryer can ruin the shape of a hairstyle. Options for laying short haircuts weight, so you can not be afraid to experiment and create a new image.

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