Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

On the wedding day, every girl dreams of looking stunning to her fingertips. Fashionable manicure for the bride in 2019 should be gentle, elegant, discreet. Wedding nail art performs in different styles. Review of popular designs will help you make the right choice.

Fashion trends wedding manicure 2019

On a solemn day, special attention will be riveted on the hands of the bride. A natural nude manicure will complement the brilliance of the wedding ring. If your goal is to be in trend, read useful tips:

  • The length of the nails is short, medium.
  • Form – almond, oval.
  • Hue – pastel colors.
  • Design – low-key, discreet.
  • Decor – rhinestones, sparkles, crystal chips, foil.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

Ideas for a fashionable wedding manicure 2019

Professional nail master is able to create a real masterpiece on your nails. Among brides the following types of manicure are especially popular:

  • classical;
  • service jacket;
  • lunar;
  • reverse french;
  • ombre

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

Many brides want to highlight the ring finger. For this purpose you may like several ideas:

  • combination of two designs;
  • drawing by brush, dots or stamping;
  • use of mirror wipe;
  • The partial or full decoration of 1-2 fingers on the hand.


This wedding manicure for the bride is done very quickly, while it looks soft and elegant. Additionally, nails can be decorated with sculptures, glitter, and rhinestones to add a small zest to the image. Options for inspiration:

  • Gentle white. Emphasizes the image of purity and innocence of the bride. For the decoration of the ring finger, you can use different tools and elements.
  • Discreet beige. For the decoration on the ring finger, the master used rhinestones, pearls, monogram.
  • Bright thematic. This fashionable manicure for the bride will perfectly fit into the color of the wedding. Sometimes the shade is selected under the bridal bouquet or dress.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019


French wedding manicure has always been popular, and 2019 is no exception. This trendy design looks beautiful on short and long nails. A few examples:

  • Classic French Nails look neat and natural.
  • Classic with the decor. The nails of the bride are decorated with rhinestones and delicate floral modeling.
  • Bright themed french. Fashionable pastel colors emphasize the design of the wedding, the bridal bouquet.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019


This design of wedding nails should be carried out exclusively in soft, light colors. Bright colors will distract attention from your image. But, if you deliberately want to look extravagant, decorate in the lunar style only 1-2 marigolds. Fashionable manicure options:

  • Classic white. The nameless finger can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, lace and other decorative elements.
  • Gentle pink. Not striking emphasizes the beauty of the bride. The hole visually shortens the nails, so it is very important to choose the right shades.
  • Refined beige. It looks natural, does not distract attention from the bouquet and the wedding ring, and emphasizes the natural beauty of the hands.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

Reverse jacket

The design is often called the “smile.” It visually lengthens the nails, is used for a bright and classic manicure. Some ideas:

  • Elegant reverse French. Fashionable design will appeal to brides who prefer the classic look.
  • Low-key manicure. The color of the “smile” is chosen individually. Golden and silver sparkles look beautiful as a decor. For the base, you can choose shades of beige or pink.
  • Themed reverse french. The golden foil will highlight the color of the wedding ring, and a bright base will fit into the design of the entire wedding.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019


One of the most fashionable and sought-after designs. Overview of several options:

  • Refined manicure. Light base smoothly flows into white color. Ring finger can be decorated with Swarovski stones, crystal chips.
  • Bright ombre. This design is great for a themed wedding manicure, while it will not seem vulgar and too catchy.
  • Restrained ombre. Fashionable design in minimalism style. A small decor of the ring finger will highlight the brilliance of the wedding ring and your happy eyes.

Fashionable Manicure For The Bride 2019

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